Antenna (280ZX 82)


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Annoyingly, the power antenna on my car is not working. Disassembling most of the boot area interior, I found the gears and shaft inside the antenna are disconnected/missing.

I would like re-instate the function either by finding a second hand original or fitting a suitable replacement.

Electrically, 12v is present on yellow ant connection when the ignition is off, which is removed when the ignition is on. I suppose this is to retract the ant (?). When the radio is switched ON, the UP/DOWN switch connects 12v to the blue/white and blue/red connections accordingly. My simple deduction is that the antenna is extended and retracted manually by the switch only when the radio is ON, and when the ignition switch is turned off it retracts.

I find confusing the US FSMs. Please could someone with ZX confirm how the antenna should work?

If anyone has a suggestion for a solution, it would be useful?