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300zx insurance

Discussion in 'General' started by surreyseagull, Apr 5, 2013.

  1. surreyseagull

    surreyseagull Well-Known Forum User

    Hi all im just about to purchase a 300zx twin turbo,and want advice on the best insuarance company to use.any info appreciated..cheers
  2. Sir Charles

    Sir Charles Forum User

    I am insured with Footman James on a classic policy. I am 29 with a 1995 Slicktop TT limited to 4,000 miles per year and I pay £230 ish
  3. malcolmpaul

    malcolmpaul Well-Known Forum User

    I,m with Carole Nash for my 240Z. About £150 a year with UK and European breakdown cover, 5000 mile limit. Mind you I am 69!
  4. surreyseagull

    surreyseagull Well-Known Forum User

    cheers.ive insured with adrian flux for first year.but footman james def sounds good.less than im paying and im 45!!
  5. AndyMinto

    AndyMinto Inactive

    Is this as well as the 260 you're doing up?

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