280zx exhaust


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I'm trying to get hold of a stock rear exhaust/silencer for my 1983 280zx targa 2+2 manual. I cannot find a company in the uk that does them (I guess the cars are too old and not enough of them) other than somewhere that can make them but will cost quite a lot. I have looked into getting one from America where they have lots of stock and I believe is part number BO283779 but apparently the left hand drive cars are different to right hand drive and will not fit?

Does anyone know anywhere in Staffordshire or close to there that would make one at a reasonable cost in standard exhaust material - mild steel as I do not want one in stainless steel or that looks like a boy racer. I want to keep it as standard as possible.

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Looking on line there's a company in Stafford that makes mild steel or stainless exhausts and silencers etc...


Don't know if they're any good, may be worth getting a quote though.

The stock Nissan rear silencers were never particularly cheap either!