1972 unrestored, super solid LHD 240Z for sale

Nigel Grimshaw

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1972 Datsun 240Z for sale.

Tel: 07801 553477
Email: nigelg65@hotmail.com

I’ve been the happy custodian of this fantastic and unrestored 240Z for five years. It was imported by a Lincolnshire based collector from California (so it is left-hand drive), and he definitely knew what he was looking at. It was bought for his wife, who was less keen when the car arrived. Which is when I spotted the for-sale ad, made my bid and became owner.

History: the car was bought new in 1972, in California. The head failed in 1980 and it was parked. It sat until 2016 when it was bought and a new head installed and the car recommissioned and put on the road. At which point it was imported into Lincolnshire, UK. So, this 240Z had two owners in the States, the Lincolnshire collector, and me who bought the car in 2017. Because of how clean this car is, the low number of owners and the fact it was parked for such a long time suggests its 49,012 mileage is almost certainly correct.

The car is unmessed about with, and pretty much rust free. Being unrestored and 50 years old it does have its share of scratches and dings, but for me I’d rather have that than the whiff of fresh paint and whatever lurks beneath. This is a super solid and honest car.

I’ve had loads of old/modified cars over the past 30 years and this one drives the best of all of them. It handles modern day traffic with aplomb and wafts along brilliantly. The engine and box work great, the air-con blows cold (California car, you see) and all the gauges work apart from the clock. Which in my experience is normal service.

Having just been serviced this 240Z needs nothing and is ready to roll through summer ’22.

Reason for sale: I’m now 56 years old and want to cram in as many car experiences as I can, and I only have one spot in the garage.

More pictures available on request.

The car is based in south Lincolnshire.

£27,950 ono



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