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    RIP Mike Feeney

    Just heard .RIP fella
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    OS Giken L6 Head.

    Jeeeeez just joined back up to the site to show couple of vids,is this thread for real.Initially thought it was just some pre race grudge match talk to get everyones juices flowing for a laugh,,,,,,,,,,but alas not.Wish i had read this first before joining up,,,,,,,,,,,,, bye.My pet hate braggers.
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    Automatic Gearbox 3N71B Help

    Great stuff,now all you need is a shift kit for more acceleration:):devil:
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    Automatic Gearbox 3N71B Help

    No idea about your model autobox and if following applies,but are you sure you have engaged the torque converter correctly into the box,,,,on the GM turbo hydramatics you have to manipulate and twist the converter to engage input shaft,reaction shaft and oil pump rotors(you feel them click into...
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    For anyone who takes their 2+2 with a pinch of salt,,,,some oldish links and the most likely already seen andy flagg z,,,,nowt wrong with a refresh.
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    280zx exhaust

    Used these many times,you could always ask for a quote
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    Bitchin Betty

    No idea if youve seen this before,came across a while back searching some US talkie patents,,,twas in bookmarks.
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    I want to play a game.....

    Hermann von Helmholtz Hello mr morbias,,,if you do get seriously interested in tuning do some research also on Helmholtz resonator tuning and maybe the guy himself.(my bad if familiar)Bear in mind it varies on style of engine and number of cylinder layout,,,an old subject, but still applicable...
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    tbi adapters for su carbs

    Just one way of many methods some are better(homebrewed or bought) of converting to tbi and trying to keep some authentic semblance?,bit pricey method of skinning a cat though. and mentions for early hitachi 240z
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    LakeZ 2014

    You've added me to the list by mistake(and two 46s?),,,,,,,,,,,,,,unless theres another bigblock nickname,,hope no-one is missing out.Too much sea ozone methinks lol.
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    S30 fuel return diameter - musings

    bleeds in general Title sounds like leeches in hospital....In my own experience you can regulate pressure through a fixed size orifice in a return fuel hose/pipe after the carbs but the line pressure feeding the carb valves will vary somewhat (how much?depends on the setup)but usually not...
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    Toyota 2000 GT

    And more background?from the bargain saga for anyone playing detective:eek:
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    Toyota 2000 GT

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    Chris Harris drives the Delta Wing

    Just remembered!, mentioned him or his vehicle in someones thread discussion about delta wing before,,,,recently saw pics of the electric delta wing varient(ZEOD) and i reckon that looks pretty similar to the earlier 1970s trivette,,,well almost if you squint your eyes a lot...
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    Chris Harris drives the Delta Wing

    I bet physicist Bob Keyesof vigillante/trivette fame would have loved to have seen that delta wing(passed away 2006),,,