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In Car Security

Discussion in 'General discussion' started by Nmd14, Jun 16, 2016.

  1. Dale

    Dale Committee Member Committee Member

    Not that I've seen; probably stripped right down one would assume. It was valued at £120k at the time. Bloody shame.
  2. samuri-240

    samuri-240 New Forum User

    120k for an escort :confused: the market has gone bonkers.
  3. Jake RAH

    Jake RAH
    Z Club Member

  4. Huw

    Z Club Member

    I normally just remove the rotor arm to stop chancers if I'm leaving the car for any length of time. 5 second job and fits on your pocket, car ain't going anywhere then unless towed and you can't stop that. Mind you might have a look at one of those trackers.
  5. toopy

    Z Club Member

  6. toopy

    Z Club Member

    Genius, now on my to do list :thumbs:
  7. yellowz

    Z Club Member

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