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Hello, i've bought a 240z

Discussion in 'New to the website!' started by Sc77, Dec 27, 2017.

  1. Sc77

    Sc77 New Forum User


    I've finally found a 240 in a barn. ready and eager to start work on it.

    The pictures aren't all that great but still..

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  2. atomman

    atomman Forum User

    Great find, hope its not to bad !
  3. Rob Gaskin

    Rob Gaskin Membership Secretary

    Hi, the 240 looks like it's complete and maybe put to rest many years ago due to a problem or change of circumstance. Is the interior OK?
  4. Fairlineguy

    Z Club Member

    Wow that looks a great find looking forward to seeing some more photos once you
    Pull her out
  5. Sc77

    Sc77 New Forum User

    its been driven into the garage 21 years ago. car is complete. there were no issues with it 21 years ago. the previous owner has put some oil in the spark plug holes, cranked the engine a few times.
    it should work after some work.. i'm very curious

    only thing is that the exhaust is off, the rusted exhaust lays next to the car at the moment.
    normally i'll go and get is this saturday
  6. TimW

    TimW 1978 UK RHD 260z

    Hi and welcome. Nice find, rare to see one in its original setting. Good luck with all. Great to see you can still find them out there. I'm guessing from the 21 years it's untouched and original. Sweet!
  7. Mr Ex Jnr

    Mr Ex Jnr Zeds is the way iv been shown

    Good to see a uk car been saved and there out there hiding
  8. Sc77

    Sc77 New Forum User

    Its from Belgium, and so am I ;)
  9. SeanDezart

    SeanDezart Official Trader

  10. Mr Ex Jnr

    Mr Ex Jnr Zeds is the way iv been shown

    Ah right is the car Rhd Lhd
  11. SeanDezart

    SeanDezart Official Trader

    Middle photo.....wiper positions = LHD;)
  12. Mr Ex Jnr

    Mr Ex Jnr Zeds is the way iv been shown

    Couldnt see steering wheel was looking for the rear markers on qauter
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  13. Ped

    Z Club Member

    That's a great find! Look forward to seeing photos of it after a wash and in daylight.
  14. SeanDezart

    SeanDezart Official Trader

    1st photo - OEM rear spoiler, no rear wing repeater, euro rea lights and uplit number plate......Euro Z.:thumbs:
  15. Woody928

    Z Club Member

    Great find, good to see there's more cars still out there.

    Looking forward to seeing some photos once she's cleaned up and the project is underway :thumbs:
  16. Jay.

    Z Club Member

    Great find!! Looking forward to some progress, it does look like it'll be a bunch of work
  17. cosworth415

    Z Club Member

    Very nice, welcome.
  18. JonB

    Z Club Member

    Looks terrific!
    All the best...
  19. Sc77

    Sc77 New Forum User

    here are some more pictures guys.

    You guys have some good leeds on where to find parts in Europe?

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  20. SeanDezart

    SeanDezart Official Trader

    Depends what you need - most comes from the USA.

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