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280z LHD Conversion & VQ35 Build

Discussion in 'Hybrid Z cars' started by OwainIJ, Apr 13, 2018.

  1. OwainIJ

    Z Club Member

    Just starting a build thread for my 280z. Currently in the process of stripping the car down and will hopefully be pulling the engine out in the next week. Brief plans for the car are:

    - RHD conversion
    - Full bare metal respray (still not decided on colour)
    - Install VQ35HR Engine & 6sp Manual box from donor car. Leaving engine as standard. HR spec is 310hp so should be a good start for the car
    - Refurb suspension components (sandblast and refinish and fit new bushing kit all round)
    - Cut and weld on adjustable coilover kit to existing struts
    - Rear disc brake conversion
    - Refurb existing seats but new leather interior panels with sound deadening underneath
    - New RHD dash ( have a beaten up 240z RHD dash that needs repairing/combining with 280z dash. Hoping to keep original gauges) & new radio & air con/heater
    - New Alloys
    - New/Refurb exterior trim
    and a whole lot more!

    First job after stripping the car will be some small metal repairs in the floor, converting the bulkhead and fitting the new engine and gearbox mounts so will post some updates during this. Appreciate any tips or advice!

  2. OwainIJ

    Z Club Member

  3. smileyinside

    ZClub Administrator
    Committee Member

    I would say an LSD would be essential to enjoyment on a light rear wheel drive car with oodles of torque.

    Have you looked at the quaife ATB?
  4. OwainIJ

    Z Club Member

  5. Russell

    Z Club Member

    It depends on your budget but by the time you have sourced all the parts to put a Subaru one in you would probably be looking at the same amount as a quaife.

    All my money is going into getting the 1jz in and running at the moment. I will be running standard suspension, Diff and brakes to start with whilst I save up (driving carefully).

    I will likely do brakes, then suspension with diff lower down the list. Unless something breaks which would then be upgraded.

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  6. Ian

    Z Club Member

    Plans sound good, you have a lot of work to do, good luck.

    I would be looking to run an R200 with an LSD, The quaifes are good but I have to say my OS Giken Superlock 1.5 way CLSD is the best LSD I have driven with, its so smooth when driving normally but can lock up nicely when required for serious driving, its very quiet for a CLSD, night and day difference to my mates Nismo CLSD in the R200 in his Skyline.
  7. Jay.

    Z Club Member

    Hows the progress going? Have you figured out what you'll do with the heater pipes/matrix etc?
  8. OwainIJ

    Z Club Member

    Quick update. Car is now stripped and ready for shot blasting and priming. Found some small patches of rust and some old repairs that will need dealing with (the cars has had a new roof put in at some point) so some extra welding added to the list of things to do.
    On the diff front I'more likely to put an LSD into the existing diff case than replace it.
    I think the most likely option with the heater matrix will be an aftermarket kit of some kind. The old heater/ac unit is bound for the scrapheap. I have kept the sliding switches and fascia though as it might be pretty nice to try and keep the look but with a modern system behind. I am tempted to see if i can transfer across the heater/ac system from the 350z I have as I'm planning on taking the wiring harness from that car. Might be a bit too much work though and I have no idea if it would actually fit.

    Next step when the car is primed is the repairs/bulkhead modifications/VQ engine & gearbox mounts


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