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    Bucket seats in a 260Z

    I believe you should sell your pole positions to me EXTRA:)
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    IMO this is way over priced. I think the late 280z is a good car in its own right but will never be the same as a 240z. The first cars of a series generally command the highest prices when comparing similar cars. "Better" does not mean more valuable. Repainted and retrimmed does not mean...
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    Rear bumper licence plate lights

    As far as I am aware, UK cars requires the bumper mounted light to comply with regulations. IMO and the opinion of many others is they don't look as good as a clean bumper and top mounted light therefore most people change theirs.
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    1975 280z Number Plate Sizing & Colour

    I agree with Jon. IMO you cannot have both. Its either legal or fits nicely. The legality could be argued to be "kind of legal" as in 63mm high lettering because the space does not provide for bigger and small numbering specifically being allowed for if its a 70's sports car (as in Italian cars).
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    S13 / S14 gearbox - propshaft length

    I originally thought of getting a subaru prop to modify but the price of a completely new one seams reasonable. I really dont like the idea of disturbing the subaru diff.
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    S13 / S14 gearbox - propshaft length

    I am sending them nothing but the details of what I want. They should then have a record of the spec and parts so they can replicate for others (which they don’t currently have). The price quoted is £220 + vat and delivery. I’m ordering 2 off. Delivery is 7 days.
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    S13 / S14 gearbox - propshaft length

    When you have a quiet diff then why risk changing that by swapping the input flange.
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    S13 / S14 gearbox - propshaft length

    Just to add to this. I am having prop made by bailey propshafts and the measurement they require is from face of diff flange to gearbox oil seal face. They use this measurement to get the oil seal to be 20mm short of bottoming out on the slip joint. This allows for the engine/gearbox moving...
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    Spa-Classic 2022 :) yeahhhhhh !

    Would love to have gone but just cant fit it in this year. I will be there for the summer classic in June though.
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    280z On UK Roads - Brake Lights

    With regard to MOT, find a local old school mot station that has been doing mot's for years. Someone that knows old cars and the things to look for. Stay well clear of the big chains as they will not have a clue what they are looking at.
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    Donington Historic Festival 2022

    Thanks for confirming I wasn’t going mad. I was sure it wasn’t there before but started doubting myself.
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    Donington Historic Festival 2022

    Anyone received the display vehicle pass? Oops just seen its printable
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    White auto 240z with racing history ebay

    This car is very local to me. They are a classic/interesting car dealer. I sold them a couple of 911's a few years back and had a good look at this and a yellow zed they had at the time. It was IMO overpriced then but maybe not now.
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    Registering 240z import

    Owners club letter is accepted as we are registered with the DVLA. I do recall a letter from Nissan May not be accepted.
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    Wanted Restomod 240/260/280Z

    I can vouch for how superb Wyn's car is and well worth the money.