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    What did you do to your Z this week?

    Sorry to hear about the 350!! How do the CRX links affect the ride as opposed to the stock length ones?
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    Leaking heater matrix

    To add an alternative possibility to the mix ….
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    Does a 1jz and sr20 trans fit in the 240z?

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    Now that’s very cool!
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    Sound Deadening

    Ps. I found that in my garage with everything bouncing off the walls (and a cold engine on the chicle at 2k-2.5k rpm), I had a dB level inside the car of 101 before and 90-93osh after installing the sound deadening. When you wind the windows down you now notice a significant difference!! So...
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    Sound Deadening

    The MLV stuff adds mass and reduces the vibration / resonance of panels. The closed cell foam, stops the sound bouncing about in the car. For example, you could always put down 1” thick closed cell foam under the rear deck carpet to reduce some of the bouncing about stuff and some of the boom...
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    To add another option to the mix … Not sure how good these are but I have been sorely tempted by one, especially as it would be very difficult to spot and disconnect …...
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    Poor cold start - solved!

    Well done for solving it. I find a squirt of WD40 around the jets once in a while (once a year even) keeps them from going sticky. But then again, my domes are off and on regularly with my carb tuning OCD so it’s easy to do. Sticking jets can cause so many headaches! Be sure to visit the...
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    Help me identify which car this is supposed to go on

    Thanks again!! Looks like a winter / early spring project !
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    Help me identify which car this is supposed to go on

    Thank you sir! Appreciate it.
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    Help me identify which car this is supposed to go on

    Wise people, need your help please. I bought and electric fuel pump bracket from a member a while back which was identified as one for a 260z - the only challenge is, it doesn’t align with ANY of the holes in my chassis. Is this for an early S30 and they move the holes on the later ones? Or...
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    Datsun 240z 260z 280z KMAC camber/caster kit

    If the car does not need to be modified, may I have first dibs please?
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    Certificate of conformity

    Not sure about certificate of conformity, but I can write you a club letter to confirm the date of manufacture if that helps …
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    What did you do to your Z this week?

    Modified some fully radiused Webber horns to fit my SUs. On the test drive she ran into the rev limiter in 1st and 2nd -unwittingly!! So I can only assume they are doing a great job. Have to do a proper write up on the experimenting later. But they fit better inside the club airbox too! there...
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    Car related Memes

    I feel your pain brother! We’ve all been there eh!? ;) Hope you got a positive outcome.