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Restoration Guidance - Help with the rebuild process!!!

Discussion in 'Rebuilds and restorations' started by s2k_adz, Dec 7, 2017.

  1. s2k_adz

    s2k_adz Forum User

    Hey Guys,

    I have to say of late the work on my Z has ground to a halt. However I have a bit of time off over the next month or so and want to crack on.

    I am, however, a little lost now as to the order to do things!

    The suspension is all on the car and its ready in paint to rebuild, but I really dont have much of an idea of the order things should happen in!

    Can any of you who have done a few of these such as Jon or Terry give me some guidance?

    I mean, do I sound deaden before the loom goes back in?

    Do you put the interior in before the glass and rear etc?

    I just need a bit of guidance if possible! Thanks to anyone who can help!

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  2. IbanezDan51

    Z Club Member

    Side window glass and door glass with handles should be on your list to do first. Rear hatch screen can also go in - I save windscreen till the dash is in.

    Underlay/sound deadening needs to go in before the loom as you wont want to be peeling that back up should you need to replace any wiring...
  3. IbanezDan51

    Z Club Member

    Oh and ensure you put the roof lining/pillar trim material in before the windscreen - be messy otherwise!
  4. atomman

    atomman Forum User

    I've got some spare time over Christmas Ad , I'd be happy to give you a hand , juts give ma a shout
  5. johnymd

    Z Club Member

    It’s the first time I’ve built from scratch so still learning as I go. Dan’s post makes a lot of sense. You may want to do the cavities Wax and inside doors early in the build. I’m going for lizzard skin inside so that will be my next job after finishing the brakes. Then I’ll start the wiring. Front screen after the dash looks like a good call.
  6. Fairlineguy

    Z Club Member

    When I've built from a bare shell I have always started first with running fuel and brake lines then the wiring loom
    Inside as said head lining before screen but don't Normally fit that till last .
    Heater box and motor ,pedels /servo /bulkhead insulation etc before dash
    Getting cavity wax in is a good ideal but do it bit by bit as you go .(it's messy stuff)
    Door s fit locks making sure they work before glass and frame

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