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Green 240z on ebay

Discussion in 'Classifieds discussion' started by johnymd, May 17, 2017.

  1. johnymd

    Z Club Member

    As its been ages since I bought a zed I feel its time for another so I went to look at this one today and fully intended coming home with it.

    It is only local to me so always worth a look. It has been well described but I was optimistic that his idea of rust repairs was going to be worse than mine. Unfortunately it does need a lot of rust repair plus IMO a new roof as its not only very pitted but also looks like the local American football team had mistaken the green colour for grass and played a match on it. The drivers wing also appears to be the preferred access path to the roof. Having said all that, it does have quite a bit going for it so would appeal to someone who is good with a welder. The paint looks all original and the rear aches are good. The interior is very good apart from the seat which need recovering. The car looks complete and is said to run well from a fuel can.

    I'll continue with the bad bit so someone could maybe buy this from a distance and not get too many surprises. Drivers front wing looks all good. Passenger side has a big hole at the bottom and horrible dent on the top but fits well so should be saved. Inspection flaps are both rusted on the inside lips and the bonnet in the same area. Bonnet good otherwise and fits well. Both doors have rotted through and have quite big holes on the bottom rear sections but are otherwise good so repairable. Doglegs have rusted through but you may be able to just patch the centre part that always goes. Drivers rear quarter above light has rusted through but the hole is not very big. No key to open tailgate but I'm guessing the slam panel will be rotten due to the way the rest of the car has gone. Tailgate looks OK but the top edge has caught the roof so needs bending straight again. Rust around battery tray and master cylinder side but not gone through. Engine bay is original paint and pretty good apart from the above. Both floors rotted through along with the floor support/chassis stiffener so all needs cutting out and replacing. Rust in the door jam at the A pillar windscreen area on both sides. Small hole in scuttle panel in the usual place.

    Mechanically, Brake and clutch master cylinders and lines are empty of fluid so I think will all need replacing. It has sat outside in rainy florida/Gorgia for a very long time so not a quick fix and run-around I was hoping for. I walked away from it but I've seen a lot worse so anyone looking for a project who can do all the welding themselves may be the right buyer for this one. Most of the repairs are under the car of lower down so you could get away with retaining the current look and save yourself the cost of a repaint.

    If anyone is interested and would like more advice then send me a PM.
  2. Red7

    Red7 New Forum User

    That's a shame but good info for a prospective buyer, that colour combo is one of my favourites :thumbs:
  3. uk66fastback

    Z Club Member

    Good report John. This one started at £10,000 and in each relist has gone down by £1000.

    He'll be paying the buyer in a few weeks maybe ...
  4. johnymd

    Z Club Member

    Good to know. Need to wait for at least another few re-listings then.

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