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1971 UK 240z for restoration

Discussion in 'Cars for Sale' started by neil240z, Nov 29, 2016.

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  1. neil240z

    neil240z Forum User

    Hey Guys,

    Had this car a while now and i have 2 more 240z's that need investment so this one will have to go.

    Very early RHD UK car 1085 chassis number, in need of a medium restoration, some welding, some panel replacements, some panels included with the car (rear slam panel, n/s/r 1/4 panel/complete roof which needs some work)

    Has been a z club owned car most of it's life, some members will know it from years gone by, was running and drivable (though not road legal) but has a fuel blockage which I will try and rectify, currently sitting on aftermarket suspension which will be returned back to standard.

    Price wise, I'd like to get some feedback on value, i was thinking in the region of 15k but happy to listen to opinions.

    Sorry for the poor pics.



  2. uk66fastback

    Z Club Member

    No idea on price but that looks to be a decent project for someone after a RHD car. Looks all there at least - unlike a lot of projects. Pics aren't poor compared to some that people put up :D

    MOT history looks informative ...
  3. racer

    racer Active Forum User

    Hi Neil
    We would need some much more detailed shots of the underside to make a proper assessment of the car.
    The Sunroof will go against the car for many I'm afraid, but it could still be a good car underneath.
  4. Rob Gaskin

    Rob Gaskin Membership Secretary Staff Member Committee Member

    This has the potential to be a reasonable UK RHD car but as racer suggests we need to see the areas that we all know rot first. I don't think you could realistically expect £15k.
  5. richiep

    Z Club Member

    Trimming the herd Neil? :) You should've kept your attention focused rather than buying those left-hookers! Although I look forward to seeing how the blue one turns out.

    That car is a bit of a local fixture, having lived most of its life in this immediate area.

    FYI, for those that don't know, that was Cheshire Plainz member Dave Holland's daily driver Z for many, many years. She's a scruffy old girl (see the flattened paint and daily driver bit!), but complete and deserves a sympathetic restoration IMO (I'm sentimentally biased though). Probably used far more than most people's Zs over its life.

    Matt's right though - we need to see piccies of the underside, as I guess there is possibly some historic work that might need looking at again.
  6. Rob Gaskin

    Rob Gaskin Membership Secretary Staff Member Committee Member

    Has this car been in the Classic Car Weekly Classifieds for a few weeks or is that another?
  7. neil240z

    neil240z Forum User

    Rich is correct, i have had this about 5 years and it was Dave's daily car for some years, its been dry stored since my ownership, the underside is not too bad, there is some welding required obviously but it's not a bad resto as far as many go. Not advertised elsewhere but as Rich said I have 2 LHD cars, one to be painted and a new interior and one to be converted and modified, so room and funding needed, no major rush to sell though, it's quite happy where it is :)

    Actually having thought about it, I'd be silly to let the car go so going to hold on to it for now :)
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