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Feb 25, 2018 at 11:15 PM
Jan 31, 2002
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December 10
Greenford, Middlesex

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I loved my 280ZX, from Greenford, Middlesex

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    1. Al Douglas
      Al Douglas
      Sorry Steve, that was meant for Rob but happy new year to you too!
    2. Al Douglas
      Al Douglas
      Evening Steve and a very happy new year when it arrives.
      Subscription paid via PayPal for another year of fun!
      Best regards.
    3. steveKemp
      Hi Steve

      Thanks for the test MP, it is working fine.

      Regards Steve Kemp
    4. Rudyard
      Hi Steve,Trust you are well.The 240z For Sale thread has now digressed to Mike B's ebay sale along with MR G and status discussing their cars on the same thread so is it now struggling as the slagging of has slowed down?Regards Roger
    5. Red7
      Hi Steve, hope you're well, maybe a daft question but I can't see where to start a thread? Is there a 'new topic' button anywhere?


    6. Rudyard
      Steve,My apologies to you and all members bar one.I should not have responded to a petulant member calling us Lazarus and questioning whether its me or my father but we are all human.Regards Roger
    7. 280zxexowner
      Hi Steve, sorry to bother you but wonder if you could answer a question for me. I'm going to Japfest on Sunday and have purchased track time for the morning session. Unfortunately my engine rebuild has taken longer than anticipated and the engine won't be run in before Sunday. I was wondering therefore if a friend of mine could have my slot instead. He doesn't have a Japanese car though, do you think that is feasible or not mate.
    8. Lorro
      Steve, who can I get advice from regarding the voltage charging regulator on my 1971 240Z, I don't think it's working. The amp meter shows constantly over to the right hand side while driving and only sets back to middle when idling. After a few miles and I stop I can hear the battery bubbling away nicely! hence I think it's being over charged by the alternator. What's the best way to deal? Thanks Paul
    9. racer
      Hi Steve

      Just to let you know. Mikes in the wars again! He's fallen down some stairs and broken his leg this time. He's in plaster for 10 weeks!
      What are we going to do with him?

    10. trafford
      Whaddzzuupp manure head! Long time no you still have that rather camp blue 280zx Kalamari ? LOL I still have the trophy for the fastest oversees 280ZX autotest when we went to Holland and I drove your car!
    11. ZPARTS
      Hi, Steve

      Just thought I'd drop you a line to wish you well and thank you for all those nice Sunday morning laison phone chats we had back in early 2000 era when we all were getting our Z enthusiast web wings set to fly. I enjoyed those phone calls. Made me feel a lot more connected to the larger Z community outside the US.

      In late 2007 I moved my ZPARTS.COM operation up to a small town in the middle of Oregon to care for my aging mother. I've been here every since. No Z customers locally to be found, but to my amazement, there is a Z car racer and a Z customizer within 10 miles of me that between the two of them probably have at least a half a million dollars invested in high end Z race cars and restoration projects.

      If you have a Skype account and ever wish to give me a jingle via Skype you can contact me through Skype at ericneyerlin. Phone # in Oregon is 541-679-0791

      I hope you and yours are well,

      Eric Neyerlin - owner of:

    12. Amazombi
      Hello Steve,
      I`m searching for a new Windscreen for my 240Z .
      Do you have any adresses wher I coud buy one?
      Thanks a lot, have a nice Weekend.
      Best regards.
    13. Pablito
      Hi Steve, I just updated your original thread bout the meet.

      I hope that you are well, and I'm sorry you were unable to make it, but thanks for letting me know. I will speak to you soon buddy, and If i don't speak to you before the operation, then best of luck.

      Take care

      07507 512 558
    14. davidge99
      Hi Steve

      I've been in touch with zpuppy (Reid Gutzman) re. some bits for my Z31 & he has asked me to pass on a msg to you:

      "Can't access site due to pooter problems, but will be back & paying overdue dues within the week.

      Trust this makes sense. Btw, what is a pooter?!? Com...pooter???

      David Edwards
    15. zedboy
      Hi Steve,

      I have just renewed my membership, but my name doesn't appear on any of the lists? have a renewed unecessarily?

    16. hitman13
      Hi Steve, Noticed the polishers have there trophies, what has happened to the drag racers trophies for last season. Anybody know. Cheers Paul H (hitman13)
    17. Dasla260z
      not sure if youll remember me but i did the pig for you..
    18. Dasla260z
      just wanted to say hi after so many years,
    19. Dasla260z
      hi steve ,,, have you still got the pig
    20. martinmac
      Chesterfield has just been given a big nudge.
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