Why join?

The Z-Club has a great internet presence, which you already know of course and we like to keep it free for all to enjoy.

But don’t miss out by just just joining the forum, full membership at a mere £15* provides you with great benefits, including:

  • Club valuation of your cherished Z

    People who really know the cars, the value of components, the effort put in and who spend hours of their lives researching, can formally provide a realistic value of what your vehicle is worth for insurance purposes. Don’t just guess at the value of your car or leave it up to the mercy of an insurance company’s “market valuation”. Be certain!


  • Club dating

    The best dating experience a Z owner could ever wish for! Club certified “Dating Letters” required by the DVLA to confirm the age of your Z and ensure your historic car is formally endorsed and tax exempt.


  • Club discounts

    The Z club gets discounted tickets to key national shows and events (e.g. Japfest, Donington Historic etc) as well as other discounts with some suppliers such as Opie Oils.


  • Insurance companies like it, a lot

    Most insurance companies like club memberships as it shows a keen interest in the car and often results in reduced premiums.


  • Keeping the Club Alive

    Have you noticed your rare and completely advert free internet experience? That’s because all the good things the club is able to do including maintaining this site is supported by the teeny weeny membership fee.Enjoy more than our forum, be part of THE original Z club of Great Britain. Be part of Z history itself!


Ready to take the plunge? Head over here.


(* Less than the cost of: 3 Gallons of unleaded, a hand car wash & polish, a portion of fish and chips in London. Frankly a bargain!)

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