S130 Series

Fairlady 280Z (S130-S / HS130-S) / Fairlady 280Z-L (S130 / HS130) / Fairlady 280Z-T (S130J / HS130J) / 280ZX (HS130 / HLS130) / 280ZX-GL (HS130J / HLS130J):

Introduced in 1978, Nissan’s new S130 was available with the same 2.8l  found in the 280z, or optionally with a 2.0l in the Japanese market. As with the S30, there were three trim levels for the Japanese market (Standard, Luxury and Luxury Plus) but now for the 280ZX two for export markets (Standard and Grand Luxury). 1980 also brought targa-top options to some markets.  Two special editions were available, the 280ZXR in 1979 which came with a large rear wing to (homogolated for SCCA Competition) and the 1980 10th anniversary edition.


Fairlady 280Z  2by2 (GS130-S / HGS130-S) / Fairlady 280Z-L 2by2 (GS130 / HGS130) / Fairlady 280Z-T 2by2 (GS130J / HGS130J) / 280ZX 2+2 (HGS130 / HLGS130) / 280ZX-GL 2+2 (HGS130J / HLGS130J):

Also launched in 1978, and available with the same trim and engine options – the 4 seat version of the S130.


In 1981 Nissan gave the S130 a minor facelift with new bumpers, rear lights and hood among other changes. A turbo option was also added to the lineup.


The facelift 4-seater version also launched in 1981 alongside the coupe.

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