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Z's Finally Recognised

Discussion in 'General' started by samuri-240, Jan 12, 2017.

  1. samuri-240

    samuri-240 Well-Known Forum User

    I have always the 240Z/260Z should be recognised for the fabulous car that they are. I could not believe what I had bought back in 1987 for 1k it blew me away, it was very rusty full of filler etc but I loved it to death it was such a thrill to drive & even back then used to get the comments I have'nt seen one of them for years I used to have one.
    The seed was planted & over the years I have owned 21 of them trying to get my ultimate one for me, not for showing or going to meets just for my driving pleasure.

    BUT now I see the problem with the Z's & all other gorgeous classics being recognised is that it will put them out of reach of the true enthusiast. This is a real shame.

    Samuri's ;) Not that long ago really I could have bought FFA for 11k & CAB for 3k look at the prices being asked for them now !

    So I have found an escape, the Mrs ain't happy :( My dream car of all time is a De Tomaso Pantera but of course they are way out of reach now. So I buy model ones & even getting 17 of them Pro built in Italy :eek: They are very special indeed. Alberto is my Hero :thumbs:
  2. samuri-240

    samuri-240 Well-Known Forum User

    Adding to the above I wonder what Samuri CHL would go for if it came up for sale that would be extremely interesting to me.
  3. datsfun

    Z Club Member

    What's so unique about CHL? :confused:

    Kindly enlighten please...
  4. samuri-240

    samuri-240 Well-Known Forum User

    Sorry not able to enlighten anyone on a forum. all I can say is as you probably know I am now very anti Samuri & it is for a very good reason. CHL was one of Spikes own cars back in the day it was even the car they used for the pic on the Samuri buisiness card. I did have a business card here somewhere not sure if I binned it with the car or not.
  5. richiep

    Z Club Member

    CHL is a lot different now from how you probably remember it. It's more JDM retro-mod (carbon fibre overfenders, bonnet, big dish Watanabes, etc) than anything remotely Samuri. It's original engine was long gone even before it's changes in recent years. That would present some challenges if it came to market IMO, if we are trying to judge things based on the whole Samuri cache thing.
  6. samuri-240

    samuri-240 Well-Known Forum User

    Are you SERIOUS you know it all ? I used to own CHL after its very big makeover. If you want to know the facts come & speak to me face to face & keep the facts to yourself after the conversation (very much doubt you could be trusted).

    It takes one hell of alot for me to get wound up ! & you have certainly managed that ! but you have done it, if you do not know what you are talking about keep your fingers off your keyboard.
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 13, 2017
  7. Woody928

    Z Club Member
    Staff Member Moderator

    Seems to be the case for all classics unfortunately, particularly from my perspective as a 22 year old who knows by the time I'm seriously in the classic car market most things I'll be very interested in will be completely out of reach. It's all slowly shifting towards the cars of the 80's and 90's now certain generation are feeling more nostalgic and going back into their pasts.

    That being said I'm rather fortunate having gone 50/50 on my 240Z with my dad, we both love the car. It' such a fun and exciting car to drive that gets loads of really positive attention. I'm just really glad me and my dad share the passion otherwise I'd be even later to the party and possibly too late. It also helps he has an Austin Healey and e're car mad, that car is a classic example though as in the 9 years he's owned that its over doubled in value compared to the purchase price at the time :eek:

    I do wonder what the Z market will be like in say 10 years time....
  8. richiep

    Z Club Member


    Excuse me? :confused: WTAF are you on about? I don't claim to be an expert on CHL's earlier history. I obviously remember it from Brian's ownership from when I joined the club to his sale of it. I also saw it up close a few months ago in its current guise that it has assumed under its PRESENT owner, which is what I was referring to. I was simply making the point that you probably hadn't seen it that recently and that it has changed quite a lot from how I, you, and most others remember it then it was closer to a traditional Samuri vibe.

    What's all this cloak and dagger, facts to yourself stuff anyway? And I fail to see what I ever did or said to you that deserves being called a pr1ck. We've barely spoken in person, and I believe that when we did it was a pleasant, non-descript conversation (on a day that you came to an event but suffered a seized wheel bearing en route, remember?). FFS.

    You are ranting like a certifiable loon. Seek help. :chillpill:
  9. Dale

    Z Club Member

  10. status

    status Well-Known Forum User

    Boring,let me and the frig join in,ALO ALO
  11. SeanDezart

    SeanDezart Well-Known Forum User

    Agreed with Richard - samuri240 - you went off the deep end there and you mentioned 'CHL' is it blasphemy for other to mention it then ?:D

    Should have bought them then - no regrets - life moves on.

    But I don't believe that it is a shame for the "true' enthusiast that prices are on the up !

    Who are these true enthusiasts if not those that throw their hard-earned cash at their hobby-cars ?

    Higher value = more care taken of them today = lasting longer !
  12. Mr Ex Jnr

    Mr Ex Jnr
    Z Club Member

    I enjoy my early samuri at home been in the family 26 years put a buzz on my face every time I take it out. Samuri are retro and cool
  13. richiep

    Z Club Member

    I have to say, you've cracked me up there. Quality - "the frig"...


    Worthy of this guy:


  14. franky

    franky Well-Known Forum User

    Must be nice having a car in the family that long.
  15. Gaz 300

    Gaz 300
    Z Club Member

    This forum needs a like button for posts :)
  16. Mr Ex Jnr

    Mr Ex Jnr
    Z Club Member

    Yeah got it in my blood all I think is datsun. Dad ad a white 2+2 on 280zx injection use daily sold that in 2007 when I was 12 always love z cars
  17. SeanDezart

    SeanDezart Well-Known Forum User

    I know that feeling...ribbert, ribbert.:willynilly:

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