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z31 tuning question about emanage

Discussion in 'Engine' started by themoment, Apr 22, 2011.

  1. themoment

    themoment Forum User

    I own a 85 300zx turbo, and i am using greddy blue from a scion tc turbo kit(it came with the kit)! I know i have to set all the jumpers to my car and number of cylinders. I was wondering if i have to hook up the computer and erase the tune or if i can just set the jumpers and turn dials to 0 and have some fun with the dials witch are 20 percent fuel increases. Then later on when i hook up a pc i should zero out the maps right? Or erase whatever tune greddy had in there. Or do i have to erase the tune with the cable before everything? thanx for any help
  2. zpuppy

    zpuppy Well-Known Forum User

    Not familiar with that particular piece of kit , but I would think you should be able to set it how you want without having to blank any programs ! :driving:
  3. themoment

    themoment Forum User

    the moment

    Hey thanks for your response man! I thought greddy would be closed yesterday but i got a hold of them, and they said that i have to set the jumpers then i can hook it up to my car. Before i start my car i must purchase a tuning cable and delete all the maps from the scion tc. Then start the car and it will run as stock. I have one more problem though, they said i would be able to buy a pressure sensor so i can tune off boost. I would only be able to use the additional injection map they said i wouldn't be able to use my airflow map at all because its only tps based. So i guess what they mean is i would hook up all injector wires and just mess with duty cycle and or pulse width i just thought that messing with the airflow map was important! Now i have been thinking about taking a look at a 240 sx tb because i think those might be variable, does any one now what i could do to get a variable tps signal to use for me airflow map any one have any magic trix or should i just give up and go nistune i would actually like to get greddy working somehow its more like a challenge i have to win now please help me! :bow:
  4. themoment

    themoment Forum User

    Ya know, I have been sitting here and thinking and maybe this unit wouldn't be so bad after all. From my research i know that safcs and stuff that tricks your airflow sensor are stupid and the best way to change injection is by tapping the injectors or a ecu tune so you have control of injectors and not airflow hot wire! What would be better than controlling the injectors directly and tuning with manifold pressure! I think some one said i wouldn't be able to take away fuel but just add with this map will that be a problem is tuning the airlow map that critical? Are cars are already turbo and if we want to turn up the boost wouldn't we just be adding fuel any ways? Is injector duty cyle the same as injector pulse width or are they two different things?
  5. themoment

    themoment Forum User


    Ok been spying on rx 7forum some of those guys don't even use the airflow map cause they say it also affects timing! With pressure sensor i will get control of pulse width duty cycle and will be tuning off boost or air pressure i can also adjust timing in the future with this retard or advance 20 degrees. Well i am going for it, i will be sure to post my success or my failure soon!:bow:
  6. themoment

    themoment Forum User

    Ok i am finding some more stuff out now and will just keep posting progress for other people i have found out that some people that use this don't even use the air flow map they actually take the tps wire and hook it up to the o2 sensor for data logging this is interesting and when u use a greddy pressure sensor and harness u get to change injector duty, pulse width, and time injector is open i believe.
  7. themoment

    themoment Forum User

    bloody knuckles

    Okay well to use emanage, or up any boost, or make power i need a intercooler and 3 inch exhaust first. So i have finished exhaust, and i am finishing intercooler today. Will post picks if car starts successfully. The emanage will be going in next.:driving:
  8. themoment

    themoment Forum User

    Update the greddy blue works flawlessly in my z31. I have a throttle angle and the whole nine yards. I had to solve a few problems. But it has done everything i want it to do and more thank you greddy and thank you japan. Theres another post in here about me using a blow thru set up well screw that i have an anti stall feature in my greddy ecu i can use for that since i do have a throttle angle i might post a write up soon on this forum but it doesnt seem like this forum is to active. i have one thing to say to people that are going to upgrade there car. Dont listen to other people listen to your heart you can do anything if you put your mind and your heart into it. You can make the impossible possible. greddy blue, huge inter cooler 3inch exaust,megan racing muffler, mbc,ngkwires,5inch bad ass tach,boostgauge, 5speed swap (t5)maintenance never stops!85 z31 at 9pounds and climbing still untuned!:devil:

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  9. Mr.F

    Mr.F Inactive

    I certainly appreciate your Z31 input - there is very little data in the U.K. on extreme Z31 tuning outside of the usual "boost kit, air filter and exhaust" level. The Greddy eManage is unknown to most UK Z31 owners, hence your limited response!
    We are currently looking at a Nistune option for a customer who wants to go a step further, as we already have contact with a highly respected tuner who works with this system. Was it an option you considered? Do you have any feedback on experience with the Nistune system?

    Please post more details on your tuning or, at least, PM me some details if you think it is not of general interest on this forum.
  10. John Dixon

    John Dixon Well-Known Forum User

    Nistune is great fro tuning the stock ECU, I've been using if for the Z32 for years now. Only problem with it is you are still stuck with the functions of the stock ECU.
    It's a good, cheap option though.
    If you wanted bells and whistles (integrated boost control, switchable maps, full throttle shift, traction control etc etc then I could fit an emerald K6 to a Z31 easily enough).
  11. Mr.F

    Mr.F Inactive

    I have sold the full Emerald kit to Z31 engine users - usually where the engine is being used in a non-Z31 location, so they wire from scratch.
    I'll bear the offer of Emerald installation in a Z31 ECU in mind to improve functionality and yet retain original wiring - in fact I have a potential customer in mind already! Speak to you soon John!!
  12. nw z31t

    nw z31t New Forum User

    Hello my name is Jeff, i live in the US, I drive a 85 turbo

    I got a Greddy Emanage today I think im going to put it in my z soon, it depends on how long it takes the other cables I need to come in, I will keep you posted

    also I was wondering if anyone might know the best most cost effective tuner for a rb25det s1, its in my Infiniti M30 aka Nissan F31 Leopard

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