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It would be really nice to see what Z31's members have and if they are on the road or projects in progress etc - non members as well!

Not seeing any Z31's at shows or on the road which is a shame. Hopefully we can get more out and at shows in the new year!

Here is my 1988 NA called Rusty (no guess's why!).

Hoping to have her on the road soon, parts permitting, with bodywork planned for the future.

Have a great Christmas and New Year everyone....


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Nice one Chappo...

I owned this turbo briefly around 08/09...


... but I've had this one since 03...


It's currently very dusty, in storage for a few years now...



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im 3 1/2 years into this 1985 turbo project so far,from the outside it didnt look too bad,underneath however was the devils work,an absolute nightmare with the most appalling RUST!!! and filler /expanding foam:eek: :confused::D imaginable,and with the working conditions on top i think this car was sent to kill me but my enthusiasm never falters and the project goes on;)........merry christmas everyone!!!


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i have 2 turbo manuals...


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Where you guys from I'm from Sunderland mine is a 86 n/a 2+2 should be on the road within a couple of months ;-)


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It would be great to have a meet at some point Andrew, hopefully with more than the 4 owners listed!


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I've got an 89 NA in black. "F" reg.
Currently being restored and should be finished late 2016.
Will get some pics up in a couple of days.


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Yes, Mot'd, taxed and on the road, it's the end of a project car that I bought a couple of years ago. It had been lying neglected in someone's garage for about six or eight years, I bought it, sorted various bits and pieces and put it through an Mot (which it passed second time around).

Took it out today for a bit, all running well but an extremely lively back end gave me a moment :)


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theres nothing wrong with a bit of excitement:driving:,:Dwhat are your future plans for the car,or is just having it on the road enougth for now


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I have an 87 na auto and 89/90 na manual. The auto was my dd, and the manual's waiting on a piece of exhaust and injector o rings is all. Then it's up for sale to fund the tt z32 project. Love the Zed's loluploadfromtaptalk1454493331948.jpguploadfromtaptalk1454493346578.jpg

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I'm still around with 'KGB' up in Scotland. Still a good runner and will be MOT'd again in the spring. Have to confess to finding myself considering selling up the z31 and z32 more frequently these days. Driving them gets rid of those thoughts for a while...





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I'm up in Scotland also, own 2 Z31s, both manual Turbo's one an 84 prefacelift and the other an 87 Facelift,hopefully the White facelift will be out of hibernation by the end of the month, would love to make it to a little gathering

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