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Z31 and Z32 cruise control switchgear

Discussion in 'Z31 (300ZX) Electrical' started by funkysi, Apr 2, 2012.

  1. funkysi

    funkysi Well-Known Forum User

    Hi all.

    Situation: My 91 Z32 has stock cruise control fitted. I have an old-skool momo steering wheel and therefore can't use the buttons that came with the stock 90 wheel. I can't source a +94 cruise control stalk as they are as rare as hen's teeth. Now I've looked at getting one from the US, but LHD and RHD indicator and cruise stalks are on opposite sites, so that's out of the door.

    What I've done is I've found a Z31 cruise control stalk. Like so :


    The operation of the cruise control on both Z31 and Z32 are very similar. Seperate on/off button with a stalk or button sets controlling 'Cancel', 'Accel', 'Set', 'Coast', 'Resume'.

    On the Z31, they are grouped as follows:
    'Cancel', 'Accel', 'Set'/'Coast' and 'Resume'


    On the Z32, they are grouped as follows:
    'Cancel', 'Resume'/Accel', 'Set'/'Coast'.

    So in theory, all I need to do would be to joint some circuits. So I'd cross the wires that made up 'Accel' and 'Resume' on the Z31 stalk to give me the same configuration as the Z32.

    All this would be fine, except the Z32 uses 3 wires:

    ...and the Z31 has a total of 5:


    I took apart the Z31 stalk and inside where the button is are two long contacts that join to 2 seperate wires. I believe these to be a red and a blue (as you can see on the terminal block above).


    My question is, how would I overcome this? It appears as opposed to being a single wire output, that this involves creating a circuit, something I can't do with the outputs of the Z32?

    I don't think I've explained it in the best way, but if anyone can answer/understand what I'm trying to do, I'm all ears.
  2. Mr.F

    Z Club Member

    You can get a Momo hub which incorporates cruise and HICAS in various configurations as required...
  3. funkysi

    funkysi Well-Known Forum User

    I've seen them Mike and they aren't want I'm looking for. It wouldn't work with my wheel as it's a really old design and not typical of the momo wheel you see with the large centre horn-push that can incorporate such a design.
  4. youngr300zx

    youngr300zx Well-Known Forum User

    Alright Si (that's my z31 in the first pic from other username on other forum) I came across this which will hopefully help...not exactly the same thing as you but hopefully enough info to get you through.

    The important bit I think is:

    "Turns out i just needed to splice the column switch into the wires which enter the ASCD brain. and then the black/red wire (which sends the signal to the relay) simply had to be grounded to bypass the recievers brain." From - http://z31.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=10134
  5. ianl

    ianl Well-Known Forum User

    My vert is the later version with the airbag wheel and if it had cruise it would be on a stalk.

    I've fitted a second indicator stalk in the space where the cruise stalk should be to control my stereo.

    It fitted rigght in like it was made to, presumably therefore the cruise stalk and indicator stalk are an identical fit. Presumably therefore you can fit the us cruise stalk where your indicator is, and fit the indicator on the cruise side where everyone except Nissan think it should be
  6. Mr HollowPoint

    Mr HollowPoint Well-Known Forum User

    Everyone except Japanese manufacturers + me. Just about every Jap car I've had, except UK cars made after about 96/97 has had the indicator on the right, that includes Mitsubishis, Toyotas, Hondas and Mazdas too. I personally prefer it there too, even though I was a Ford guy before I went jap, I prefer it on the right and hate the fact it's on the left in my Espace and my Alfa.
  7. funkysi

    funkysi Well-Known Forum User

    Hi Ian, correct, they have a backing plate (even the earlier ones) that can accomadate stalks on both sides. I have considered this, but want to keep it factory looking. With the CC stalk, you don't have to cut such a large hole as you would if you had to cut an aperture for an indicator stalk.

    Thanks for the link. Although I think this is Z31 system to Z31 system. Z32 system has different wiring?
  8. youngr300zx

    youngr300zx Well-Known Forum User

    Yes I know but I thought since he was overcoming a difference in the wiring that there might have been something in there to get you going.

    I've had a quick look at the two wiring diagrams for z31 and z32 and I don't have an answer for you because I aint a spark! I would say that resume/accel seem to be together for the z32 (is it push for resume and push and hold for accel?) and not for the z31 since the stalk has different positions for each of those functions and not a shared button, so that gives you one extra wire.

    On the z32, 2 wires are going to the cruise control unit and the 3rd is going to a relay.

    On the z31, 4 wires are going to the cruise control unit and the 5th is going to a relay. One of these extra wires I think we've covered above, the other I think is to do with the way the cancel function works....but I might be wrong and this might all be complete b0ll0cks!

    Hopefully someone can work out what's going on with the diagrams for you.

    Ignore the bottom right unless you got the stalk from a digital dash version -

    Z31 - http://www.xenonz31.com/Images/Cruisecontrol/ASCD-diagram1984.jpg

    E - 20 is the reference area of main interest -

    Z32 - http://www.ttxtz.com/tech/lee/Wiring-Components_12-23.gif

    Good luck mate!
  9. Nidge74

    Nidge74 Guest

    Why not just re-route the wiring from the original Z32 switch and mount the switch elsewhere?

    I think I have seen this on Arkwright' sons 32 with the Z32 switch mounted behind the mirror controls on the centre console.

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