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Z Club at the NEC

Discussion in 'General discussion' started by STEVE BURNS, Nov 10, 2003.


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    The Z Club stand at the Classic Car Show was the best stand we have ever had there

    Excellent co-ordination of colours with a white Z32, red 280ZX and a blue backdrop matching the old Datsun/Nissan logo colours.

    The display material, posters and banners were all new and made the whole stand criisp and new.

    the one new poster that stood out for me was the one that included the statement "One Club , All the cars" and feel that the use of this phrase should be included in someway on all Z Club items and included in the club logo in some way, it could surely be included in the banner on top of the website as well

    In fact it is almost good enough to be a brand name for all club clothing

    Gettting back to the Classic car show stand I would like to thank Peter Macdonald for putting on such a great display on behalf of the Z Club.
  2. JEZ 280ZX

    JEZ 280ZX Links Editor

    Well done to Peter for putting on such a great display!I don't think alot of people realise what hard work goes into putting on such a show.
    Nice to see two ZXs attracting so much positive interest in the Z Club!
  3. Russ

    Russ All killer no filler Committee Member

    Sounds good, any pics???

    Well done pmac! :D
  4. pmac

    pmac Active Forum User

    Well thank for the kind words guys.
    I do need to point out that the Club stand is not all my own work!
    So I would like to thank a whole bunch of people for the part they played. The car owners. The rest of the organizing team(including Jez300Z). The committee, many of whom have provided individual but unseen support to me. And finally the club members who came along and said Hi on the weekend, many of whom travelled a long way to be there. And lastly the commercial organizations who provided the stand and helped with the graphics, all at extremely reasonable rates.
    Thank you all for making it possible.
    Peter Mac

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