Yorkshire Social Group


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The plan is that you can join a group, then you know who's in your group, you can group message, share pictures etc.

This should be a great help to the local group organiser or anyone else in that area to easily keep members aware of what is happening in the area

At the moment you will only be able to add your name and where applicable your Avatar will appear in the listing

It'll take a bit of dev to see how we use this feature, but I see it offering a way for you to pledge your allegiance to your local group(s) and stay in touch that way.

The only group area that has the message section open is the SOUTH WEST one that is being used as a test mule to try and develop the Local group social area

You can find this by going to

Forum -> User CP -> Social Groups

Or by clicking http://zclub.net/forum/group.php

Sign up to your local group now and lets get using this feature :)
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