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Wiring harness

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by chappo123, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. chappo123

    chappo123 Well-Known Forum User

    Does anyone know where the connector/wire in the centre shot goes - it comes out of the main harness on the top right of the engine. As per the FSM it contains the injector cables, AAC valve, FICD solenoid, throttle value switch and one for the magnet clutch. The latter I understand goes to the aircon unit and can be seen above the one in question.

    So not sure what this is - wire colour is yellow/red.

    many thanks

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  2. Northerner

    Z Club Member

    hi steve i have a uk fsm if you need owt copying. Just emailed you on ebay re you car, its a beauty. As for the fuel pressure reg control unit it may well be a culprit. The fsm says it cuts off intake manifold pressure and increases fuel pressure on hot start. If they are the same as na models i have one spare. You could plumb in a pressure gauge to test the pressure during fault. If i can help let me know or if i win the lottery at the WE i will be in touch!

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