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Wiper Blades - 280z 1975

Discussion in 'General' started by ShanksKop, Nov 14, 2019.

  1. ShanksKop

    ShanksKop Well-Known Forum User

    Hi All,

    I got caught in a bit of a heavy downpour (my first experience in the rain) and it wasn’t the most pleasant.

    I’m hazarding a guess that the blades need replacing or is this something I need to accept due to the age of the vehicle and wipers not being as good as more modern cars.

    Looking at the wiper blade fitment, it’s a first for me.

    • Is it possible to replace the blade only or is it a more involved process (whole arm etc)?
    • Where is best place to purchase in the UK?
    I have 1975 Datsun 280z

    Thanks all in advance
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  2. Farmer42

    Z Club Member

    I had the same problem with mine on the way back from Japfest earlier this year. The spring was weak in the wiper arm and anything over 40mph and it lifted off the screen and made a horrible noise without clearing the water. Even new blades didn't fix it but I replaced the spring in the end which was a bit better.

    It is possible to replace the blades. It depends on the fitting and there are 2 types as far as I know. The first is where the end of the arm is flat and slides into a fitting on the blade and the second is where the blade sits to the side of the arm and attaches with a pin. The latter is more awkward to get hold of.

    I replace mine which were the flat type arm with chrome ones but they were about £50 off ebay. Not sure where you would get any others but it will probably be a case of a google search. You might want to try Mike at MJP Auto or Rock Auto.
  3. Robbie J

    Robbie J
    Z Club Member

    rockauto cost about £8 for the pair
  4. LiamR

    Z Club Member

    I could do with some new wiper blades too... I feel a group buy coming on?
  5. Pondo

    Z Club Member

    And me
  6. TVRSimon

    Z Club Member

    I recently bought a set of the stainless steel wiper blades for my 280Z from ebay for £50.00 as well and I thought the quality was good and it was a straight swap.

    I think it was from a seller called 65classicparts if it helps.
  7. ShanksKop

    ShanksKop Well-Known Forum User

    I guess I'll be taking a walk to the car tomorrow to scope out which ones I actually have.

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  8. Pondo

    Z Club Member

    How have you found them Simon, I bought a pair as this guy is not far from me but they twist off my wiper arms, the pin on the end of the arms are a little worn but even so.
  9. ShanksKop

    ShanksKop Well-Known Forum User

    I'm assuming the former?

    They seem so fragile I'm hesitant to poke and prod. I'm sure it's straight forward once you know how.

    As a side, does a haynes manual helpm
    with basic stuff like this ?

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  10. Farmer42

    Z Club Member

    Yours is the same as mine. You have 2 options. You can either remove the whole wiper blade from the arm and replace it or you can remove the rubber and plastic carrier by squeezing and pulling the spring clip at the end and sliding it out. It depends on what you can get hold of to replace it. There is a bit in the Haynes manual at pages 162 & 163 that shows how to remove the blade as a whole.
  11. TVRSimon

    Z Club Member

    My original ones were fixed with tape so i can't really compare, but i must admit they do seem to roll quite a bit on the arms and do get stuck on the lowest speed setting (I thought this was pretty normal on Z cars as the wiper motors are not the best!!). I think comparing with the original wipers they are perhaps slightly higher which puts more pressure on the mechanism.

    If you have the originals and they work I would just change the blades as they probably work better than these replacements.

    Z Car Depot also still do the original style if you need the full set but would probably cost twice as much by the time handling fee, delivery and taxes etc are all added on.

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