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wheels and tyres

Discussion in 'General discussion' started by chris frizzell, Jun 14, 2018.

  1. chris frizzell

    chris frizzell tango ratsun

    hi all hope someone can help with the question off all question will a set of rota rb 17x 8.5 fit on a standard 280z with no flares but dropped by 40mm . just bought a set from rota shop and they that they will fit .but just done a trile fit and they are bloody close to the front springs back looks ok. could i ues a spacer on the front to increase clearance or will this cause problems with wing body work fouling . the clearence on the front is about 5-7mm without a spacer many thanks chris
  2. toopy

    Z Club Member

    Standard suspension, lowered or not should be ok for 8" wide wheels with a zero offset, but it's tight on the suspension side.

    If yours are 8.5" and not rubbing, Im assuming you have some negative offset? what width tyres will you be running, as it can make all the difference, as to wether you hit the wheel arch or not!

    If you have a 5 - 7mm gap at the moment, that will be fine, as that will always stay the same, but a tyre that bulges just a little over the rim, will likely rub on the spring.

    And using spacers on the standard length wheel studs is dodgy if your going thicker than say a 5mm spacer!

    The rear allows a bit more room as the suspension strut is at more of an angle, so doesn't foul like the front can.
  3. chris frizzell

    chris frizzell tango ratsun

    was thinking of running a 215 40 or 45 on the front and 225 40 on the back

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