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What local group do you fall into?

Discussion in 'General discussion' started by Dale, Apr 25, 2014.


What local group do you fall into?

  1. Area West Of London (AWOL)

  2. Cheshire Plainz

  3. Heart of England

  4. Ireland

  5. North East

  6. Scotland

  7. South Central

  8. South East and Kent (SEKZ)

  9. South West

  10. Yorkshire

  1. Dale

    Z Club Member

    Not just so we have an up to date poll on the home page, but it will also be interesting to see how many members we have in each local group area.

    Please feel free to chose which group you fall into. Not all areas have REO's so if there is anyone who wants to volunteer for one of those groups and get some meets set up, then that would not only be super, but it would also be smashing and great. ;)

  2. AliK

    Z Club Member
    Staff Member Moderator

    Didn't realise this existed! Thanks for reminder, done my bit now.

  3. mattbibbey

    mattbibbey Forum User

    Didn't the club used to have a map with a point on it for all the members? It would be great to have something like that again. The colour of the dots could be coded to the vehicle owned by each member....
  4. Dale

    Z Club Member

  5. mattbibbey

    mattbibbey Forum User

    Yeah I know, any plans to do another one? Can our own site not host it? I have no idea how the internet works. lol
  6. Dale

    Z Club Member

    It's a bit beyond me too. :eek:
  7. martinmac

    martinmac New Forum User

    The 350z uk forum had one with pinmaps but as you say it closed down. One of the members has now set this one up. Its pretty straight forward but takes a bit of time.

    If someone was prepared to run with it I think it would be interesting and very useful.

  8. mattbibbey

    mattbibbey Forum User

    If I knew how to do it I would. That would be a really good thing for the club I think.
  9. MikeB

    MikeB Forum User

    Errr, given that the Greenwich Meridian goes through London, would someone like to define the Area West of London as from what I can see the only group listed above that can't join it would appear to be the members in Kent :) Is that some form of discrimination ??? ;)
  10. s2k_adz

    s2k_adz Adz

    Wales?! :/
  11. MaximG

    Z Club Member

    Are Wales part of the UK?
  12. nospark

    nospark Forum User

    British Isles = the islands of Great Britain, Ireland, Isle of Man
    Great Britain = the countries of Wales, Scotland and England
    United Kingdom = a political union of 4 countries - Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and England
    PS - Hertfordshire is not a country......(if that helps)
  13. s2k_adz

    s2k_adz Adz

    Of course, but that doesn't help much with narrowing down my local area does it..... I had to vote for South West.
  14. Paul Henley

    Paul Henley
    Z Club Member

    North West??
  15. SeanDezart

    Z Club Member
    Official Trader

    None of the above

    Still not catering for overseas residents....why not a continental Europe, Australasia, Africa America and Asia options ?
  16. Dale

    Z Club Member

    I don't think someone quite gets what the word 'local' would refer to on a UK car club. Bedside how long would the bloody poll need to be to have at least ten options for each of the near two hundred countries in the world.
  17. SeanDezart

    Z Club Member
    Official Trader

    Perhaps the word 'local' is misleading and could be replaced by 'regional' ?:)
  18. Dale

    Z Club Member

  19. SeanDezart

    Z Club Member
    Official Trader

    You da boss but you understand why I don't vote....nothing local for me.;)
  20. 240_Z

    240_Z New Forum User

    My area is not listed.
    I need east anglia or East Midlands

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