What difference does an inch make? (Fnar-fnar)


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Excuse my clickbait title. I'm talking wheel inches..

Basically I'm torn between buying Konig Rewinds from the states (as can buy them now and they'd come over on the car when shipped), as they will be about £380, or Rota RKR from the UK (about £612).

I was completely sold on the Konigs, but it turns out tyres in the US are much more expensive. And by the time I've paid for balancing and fitting, I won't have saved anything over RKRs and 4x Toyo Proxes CF2s (£214 from camskill) bought here. Which would be 205/60/15.

So the only other thing that might make me go for the Konigs is the width of the wheels.

Konig Rewinds would be 15x7 whereas the Rotas are 15x8.

So my first question is how different would 205/60/15 tyres look on the two choices of wheel? I assume it's pretty much as simple as the wheel itself would sit 1" further into the wheel well with the 15x7 Konigs, but the tyre would stick out further from the rim than on the Rotas, where the 8" would mean a flatter profile - e.g. not as much wheel bulge?

And once I've lowered the car to a sensible height, am I going to be fine with regards to rubbing, with 205/60/15 tyres on 15x8 wheels?

I should mention it's a 76 280z.