What did you do to your Z this week?


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Nothing upgrade wise but I did take it up north to a car show at Horney Toad Harley Davidson Motorcycle shop in Kileen Texas. The Harley shop guys did the judging, and it was obvious that they loved American muscle cars more than imports. My shiny red '72Z car couldn't have looked better. The weather had cooled down to 75F from a summer over 100F and the best part of the show was the Solar Eclipse that happened around 11am. Everyone had eclipse glasses, and some had welding helmets to watch the event. Total trip nearly 100 miles. Ran great in the cool air and minimal bugs on the front. My cars reflection on the 1957 Buick Special next to mine showed that my Z was indeed "Special". 20231014_122528[1].jpg20231014_130335[1].jpg


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I went to fourways a few weeks ago to their cars and coffee. Definitely recommend, great array of cars and nice people.

I hadn't driven the Z properly in months. I did a 260 mile journey and she didn't miss a beat. Very proud of her...this is why they killed off BL. They were so much more reliable!

I didn't take many pics of my Z but a chap called Kieth Day did so pic credit goes to him (from Facebook)

My Z is the green one in the middle.


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Turbo gone south for the winter?

I went through several of the standard turbo's due to retarded ignition causing them to overheat.


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Turbo gone south for the winter?

I went through several of the standard turbo's due to retarded ignition causing them to overheat.
Exactly that. They were already hybrid turbos so wasnt the exhaust turbine exploding. Turned out to be the bearings, eventually enough play in them for the turbines to touch the housings which then destroyed them.

Have a newer set of hybrids to go on over winter along with coilovers and a few other bits to tidy up. Have done about 4000 miles already so due a winter spruce up.

Just dont have any brakes yet...

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Evening all. I’m currently in Dallas, getting a break from cars and renovating the new house. I just came across this at a car show that we happened across in Arlington. I thought I’d share.







I couldn’t get any better interior photos as the owner wasn’t around and I didn’t want to get too close, but suffice to say it had the best interior I’ve ever seen inside a Datsun.

If anyone wants to see any pictures of the American metal then please just say 😁


PS. It’s currently 28°C here 😎


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Surprised there isn’t a dash cover in place on that car … especially on such a nice interior and bearing it mind it was 28 degrees - thanks for that bit of info btw …


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Last Friday November 3rd our car club put on a mini show for the kids at Benold middle school in Georgetown. They had read the Book "The Outsiders" and wanted to see some cars from that era. I didn't think they'd care about an import, but I was wrong. They were very interested in it, inside, out and even under the bonnet. All of them can't wait to drive a car. 20231103_144156.jpg


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Finally done, bc coilovers installed - just before the winter break. I took the car for a quick spin, I can't believe how much handling has improved (also ride quality)




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Very nice indeed!! Are those KMAC top mounts I see on the front?