What did you do to your Z this week?

candy red

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Thought I’d better try some of the front panels on see if they still fit after all the front end work carried out pretty pleased overall needs a few mor adjustments 🤓


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Oh wow, that’s a cool ramp / lift. Just the sort of thing I need - i get the fear crawling around underneath the car when just using a trolley jack / axle stands. Do you mind me asking where you got it?
It's called a mid-rise scissor lift - mine is second hand (or third or...) And I don't think its made any more, but there are many like it. Theyre about £2k new, but do come up second hand from time to time.


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I got mine from here --> https://automotechservices.co.uk/products/as-7530d-garage-scissor-lift/

Mine hasn't had as much use as I would like yet, but it's extremely well made and I'd recommend it.

They do cheaper ones too - I know Larby bought this for his 280z:

I'm very tempted.


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My LD engine has been leaking oil, so I've taken it out to see what's what. I also fancy swapping the (worn) s13 box for an s14 one I picked up last year.

Sump is very oily.

I found why. :(


It's cracked - I think the mounts have compressed a bit and its been sitting on the rack there.
I've welded it both sides and tomorrow I'll get some epoxy putty to seal any pin holes, and figure out how to test that it doesn't leak any more.


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Changed my rear fuel pipes that are only just over a year old with as they were cracking.


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Bad news, it's Easter sunday and the shops aren't open to buy epoxy putty.

Good news, my welding doesn't leak anyway, at least according to my white spirit lake.
Bad news, my s14 box has some aluminium shrapnel in the bell housing, so thats not going in today.

Good news, I've got a spare s13 box to put in instead. 😄


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With a day off and some pleasant weather I decided to remove the AMCO bull bar off the rear bumper. It was a bit of a faff due to the weird square nuts on the side mounts and little access and I couldn’t be bothered removing the whole bumper to do it, so I just drilled the bolts out.

The downside is that from using some Brasso to clean up the rust from where the mounts were I’ve made some clean spots! EXTRA:D