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What did you do to your Z this week?

Discussion in 'General discussion' started by jonbills, Apr 11, 2017.

  1. Huw

    Z Club Member

    How do you find using DOT5? Any down side?
  2. richiep

    Z Club Member

    I've never noticed/had any issues tbh up to this point. It doesn't absorb moisture and doesn't corrode components or damage paint, so those are pluses. The car is never going to be battered around track so the higher boiling point of dot 5 is unlikely to ever be realistically tested by me. Plus, it's purple. I like purple.
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  3. Huw

    Z Club Member

    Purples a win in my book:party:
  4. Bazzateer

    Z Club Member

    DoT5 seems to have varied results dependant upon the car.
    I used it in my completely restored 1960 Frogeye back in the 90s and never got a decent pedal. I changed to DoT4 and all was well. The DoT5 does seem to be slightly more compressible in use.
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  5. jonbills

    ZClub Administrator

    I've replaced my ATF bottle catch can with a proper one. It's even got a dipstick

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  6. Ped

    Z Club Member

    Washed the car for it's valuation pics and to get it ready for next week at the Kop Hill Climb in Princes Risborough. I am just displaying, so didn't realise they have changed the rules - I could have entered for the hill climb too... Maybe next year?
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  7. Huw

    Z Club Member

    Looking very nice. :)
  8. nospark

    nospark Well-Known Forum User

    I changed my conrod bearings. A straight forward job. Drove the front up on ramps. The oil sump came off without too much bother. Set engine so No 1 is at TDC. Slide the front thin end of the sump toward the passenger side and as you do this angle the rear thick end of the sump downward and toward the drivers side. Care re the oil pick up pipe and remove the dipstick before hand. Fitting it back on was super easy. Use bits of plastic wire to hold the new gasket to the sump every third hole. Get some bolts in loosely and gradually remove the plastic ties. You might read of some faffing about on USA forums. I think it's because the steering column on left hand drive cars gets in the way (??not sure about this).
    My old rod bearings were reasonable but showed limited signs of general wear on some of them. There was a bit of sludge in the bottom of my oil sump so looking forward to golden oil over the coming year now its all been cleaned out. A job worth doing and part of the fun learning of an old car.
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