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What did you do to your Z this week?

Discussion in 'General discussion' started by jonbills, Apr 11, 2017.

  1. niroshann

    Z Club Member

    Got an MoT!! Now to tax it and drive! If only the aircon worked!

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  2. Woody928

    Z Club Member
    Staff Member Moderator

    Thanks for confirming, that's great news. Thank you for the sound advice and link. I've certainly got some reading to do. I finally bumped into my neighbour in person today who gave it to me and he is going to help me test it out with his gas to find out if its any good before taking it any further. He's also found me a regulator for it in the meantime.

    Jon, as ever you're a total gent!

    We're well over due a catch up anyway, I'll drop you a message and arrange a visit as I'd absolutely love to see your setup. Also gives me yet another excuse to get the bike out too ;)

    Thanks Richie, duly noted. Funnily enough as above, that's my first port of call. Once I've established whether it's any good or not, then I'm sure it'll be a case of practice makes perfect as much as just having a go and learning on the fly.
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  3. AliK

    Z Club Member
    Staff Member Moderator

    Just helped out a chap on the side of the road whose fuel pump had stopped working in his Fiat 1300!! One of 6 in the country.

    It turns out he also has an orange ‘72 RHD converted, ex-California 240z! Apparently the PO restored it and couldn’t drive it so sold it on 10 years ago.

    His name is Cliff and he lives in East Grinstead. Anyone know the car or owner? Really nice chap.
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  4. MCBladeRun

    Z Club Member

    Just got my wheels back from being refurbished. Shame the weather is bad this weekend, I'd of liked to go to beaulieu this Sunday.

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  5. Huw

    Z Club Member

    Wow that’s some transformation, love the satin look. Nice! :D
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  6. uk66fastback

    Z Club Member

    Insured mine again for the year … £102.
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  7. MCBladeRun

    Z Club Member

    I got worried when they showed the in-progress, as they looked too shiny - wanted to stay satin look. IMG-20210714-WA0013.jpg before
    IMG-20210714-WA0011.jpg in-progress IMG_20210722_192932.jpg the finished product (may buy new centre caps)
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  8. Paul_S

    Z Club Member

    Very nice! Mine need a refurb too, but I was wondering about giving it a go myself.

    If you are thinking of selling your center caps then I would be very interested :)
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  9. MCBladeRun

    Z Club Member

    Alright, I'll keep you in mind. They're pitted in areas and are plastic, so was hoping replacements were easy to find.
  10. Bazzateer

    Z Club Member

    Surely it's worth more than that? ;)
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  11. Tony Mc

    Tony Mc
    Z Club Member

    Took my baby to the park. 20210724_162546.jpg
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  12. uk66fastback

    Z Club Member

    I moved the Z over to my mate’s mums as she has an empty double garage where it will stay until I’ve fixed the release bearing on the 944’s clutch … not a nice job to have to do. It got over there okay - seven or so miles, but was kangarooing a bit at about 1500-2000rpm. Then it refused to turn over once it was there, I think the battery is flat somehow, maybe the alternator wasn’t charging it on the way over?

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  13. jonbills

    ZClub Administrator

    If the battery has been run flat a few times it kills them and it won't charge. Might not be the alternator?
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  14. uk66fastback

    Z Club Member

    It’s a new battery though …
  15. jonbills

    ZClub Administrator

    Odd. A jump start and a multitester will confirm.
  16. Rob Gaskin

    Rob Gaskin Treasurer Staff Member Moderator

    After your alternator it's worth checking all your main power and earth leads. Do the headlights and wipers work - if so and the leads are ok it may be the starter.
  17. MCBladeRun

    Z Club Member

    Changed the bushing on the gearstick and replaced the rubbers. It's a 5 speed from a later model S30, so the solid bushing kit from thezstore wouldn't work with S14 boxes I think.

    IMG_20210725_122721.jpg IMG_20210725_122953.jpg
    Comparison of new and old (yikes)

    Pin, c-clip, bushings removed as well as lever.

    New brass bushings, pin and c-clip inserted.

    IMG_20210725_144158.jpg IMG_20210725_150221.jpg
    Rubber parts put back together

    New leather gaitor (I can't get it right and no idea how to do the strings up)

    Word to the wise, the plastic cup bushing that goes on the end of the lever was a bastard to take off and put on without a vice.

    Also, the brass bushings didn't want to squeeze between the two sides where the pin goes through against the gearbox.

    The rest is straight forward.

    I will probably change the gearbox in the future though - I bought the kit for the learning experience since I thought it was cheap and enhances the feel of the gear lever.

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  18. Mr Ex Jnr

    Mr Ex Jnr
    Z Club Member

    Went down to Essex to go and collect a L28 and a Fairlady grill off Terry really nice day out Saturday great bloke

    Attached Files:

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  19. Rob Gaskin

    Rob Gaskin Treasurer Staff Member Moderator

    That's a long journey Christian. What did you drive?
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  20. atomman

    Z Club Member

    went to the VHRA Hot Rod drags down Pendine the other weekend with a few mates,


    PIC_20210711_110002.jpeg IMG_20210711_120229_9.jpg IMG_20210711_111751_5.jpg PIC_20210711_104933.jpeg PIC_20210711_104451 (1).jpeg PIC_20210711_104400.jpeg PIC_20210711_104022.jpeg

    Always a good selection of other cars parked up on the beach to.
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