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Wanted - 240Z Cylinder head E88

Discussion in 'Parts and Other Items Wanted' started by kitesurfer, Jul 10, 2017.

  1. kitesurfer

    kitesurfer New Forum User

    I have aquired an L24 240z complete engine. Stripped it down as it was seized. Water in cylinders 1 &2 with lots of yuk. Overall seems in very condition in terms of the crank. Block is salvageable with a slight bore out and new pistons. Cylinder head very poor. Corrosion in the aluminium with deep pitting from super heated gases around 1 &2. Also it appears the head has been skimmed previously so I dont think it would be possible to skim it again as CR would be very high. Damage also to valve guides in cylinder 2 from hot gases. Someone obviously kept the car running with a blown head gasket resulting in further damage to the cylinder head. Probably repairable but I would prefer to obtain a replacement in good condition.
  2. jonbills

    ZClub Administrator
    Staff Member Committee Member

    Hi. I've got a very nice E88 with 36ml chambers a moderate cam (Kent P284) and 44mm inlets with steel seats.
    I'm not desperate to sell, but would for £500. Possibly not the sort of thing you're after but it's an option.
  3. pmac

    pmac Active Forum User

    I have an unskimmed E88 head. Almost complete. I can do pics and a full description etc for tomorro.
    Modestly priced.;)
    Call/txt or Email if interested
    07778 411568
  4. kitesurfer

    kitesurfer New Forum User

    Thanks for the message. The setup does sound very attractive but my intention is to replace an L28 dual weber engine running in my car with an L24. My car, American import, is very original and clean and it is my long term intention to take it completely back to its original specification where possible. That said, the machine shop is checking all the tolerances of the parts I have. At this stage I have no real idea as to the condition of the cam. If its very worn, one lobe concerns me, perhaps I can contact you in the future?
  5. jonbills

    ZClub Administrator
    Staff Member Committee Member

    Yeah no probs. I'm sure you will find a decent standard e88.

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