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Wannabe Z Owner Saying Hello! :)

Discussion in 'New to the website!' started by Bud Lightyear, Jul 16, 2018.

  1. Bud Lightyear

    Bud Lightyear Total Fresher on the Classic Car scene.

    Ello Chaps,

    I'm Addison, Tim W's son. Some of you already know from speaking to Tim (aka Pops) that I have been wanting a motorbike for some time now! We had lined up a Yamaha MT-125 with all the gear and were to buy it last week when Pops came up with the suggestion of a project Z for me. The deal is that I postpone any idea of a bike for two years and then if still wanting one then I use my own money to get it haha.

    The two links below are the kind of look that I want to get from my Z. Both options would be fantastic. I like both the 2 seater and the 2+2. The 2+2 does give me a bit more flexibility in going out with the lads, but I love the shape of the 2 seater. Pops doesn’t mind either way although he has mentioned a 2+2 is rarer and parts are trickier to source. His only stipulation is that it is a RHD.

    240z grey:

    260z 2+2 grey

    Pops has talked much of the Club and of all the help he’s had. He suggested I introduce myself as this is very much my own journey into Z ownership. As you could probably guess I’m new to the classic car scene and I'm hoping that with a combo of you guys and my pops I finish up with a pretty cool looking Z.

  2. SeanDezart

    Z Club Member
    Official Trader

    Hello Addison and welcome.

    If Pop's is putting up the budget than he can call the shots on being RHD. Otherwise,a LHD base car could cost you a lot less for much betetr condition.

    Going the way of the two cars in links you quoted will cost more money. Perhaps the challenge for a starter car and first classic would be to aim for something reliable, solid and already begin to enjoy that as soon as possible rather than begin a long crusade for your grail ?
    Once running, you can betetr decide where you want to go with the car project-wise (or not) and see which option wins - the m-bike or the Z !
  3. Mr Tenno

    Mr Tenno
    ZClub Administrator
    Staff Member Moderator

    What Sean said!

    Also worth noting that no S30 or GS30 came in grey so you'll either have a much longer search to find one already in that colour or budget for a respray.

    If you're flexible on colours here are the main stock options: http://zhome.com/History/ZColorGallary/index.html
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  4. SacCyclone

    Z Club Member

    I will agree with the chaps above in that you should try to look for a project you can drive fairly soon and work as you go. After getting to know the car, you can make better decisions on what you will want for the long to term. Again, if you can find a stock color that you like i would lean that way as these cars look iconic due to their styling and period colors in my opinion.
    Good luck with your search and sad to say I'm not much help with RHD being from the States.
  5. AliK

    Z Club Member
    Staff Member Moderator

    Hey Addison,

    Welcome to the coolest classic car scene this side of a classic Ferrari Dino or 250GTO.

    Driving a Z will not only appeal to your balls and your right foot but will also turn heads like no other car people your age typically drive. You will come back to your car with people asking you all kinds of questions. Being a hero car, people will flash you (in a legal sense) and give you thumbs up all the time.

    I recall buying my first 2 seater and thinking "but what would I do with the lads when we go out"!? Then I realised I was constantly the drunk people's taxi and with a two seater I only had space for one female passenger!! :p

    That aside, I'm not sure what the budget is but here are some suggestions:

    This "appears" to be what the fellas above mentioned, a tidy car with no major work required that you can do what you like with over time ...



    Mike (aka carper) on the forum is selling a 2+2 with some "special" touches that are rare on the Z scene but easy to address if not to your taste. They will certainly get you noticed!

    DATSUN 260Z 1974 2+2 FOR SALE

    I personally think a 280zx Turbo is VERY 80's cool and has all the creature comforts + has potential for lots of mods. Although the driving experience isn't as sharp given the added weight (ducks for cover)! But I'm sure you can liven one up with suspension mods (raises white flag).

    If you are going 2 seater you are realistically IMHO looking at £20k+ for a decent condition drivable s30 motor in RHD.

    Thinking slightly left field, have you considered a 350z!? Not classic I know, but lots about for low money and tonnes of parts available.

    Alternatively (again ducks for cover saying this isn't the wrong company) have you considered an AP1 S2000!? Mine felt like an everyday PlayStation / motorbike on four wheels!! Not many cars out there that literally beg you on EVERY drive to find the 9K RPM redline or allow you to steer the rear with your right foot as progressively. Tonnes of easy mods and performance upgrades + sound / rev hunger of a motorbike engine. The most sublime gear change of any car only matched by the uselessness of the ICE - which you will not listen to anyway as the engine note is a delight. Oh and roof off antics in virtually any dry weather be it minus 5 or plus 25.

    Having had many many friends with bikes some things I can tell you are: ALL came off through the actions of other road users. 90% ended up in hospital, some with seriously nasty injuries, some lost limbs / range of motion, 3 died at the scene. I will duck for cover one last time and urge you to find the adrenaline rush on four wheels with "some" protection around you not just on your head.
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  6. DonMuscles

    DonMuscles Well-Known Forum User

    If you want a car you can drive daily and know it will be more reliable than a new car:


    Make me a decent offer on it.

    Saying that, I will be at silverstone classic with the z register club on Sunday this week.

    Hope to see many of you there.
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  7. Bud Lightyear

    Bud Lightyear Total Fresher on the Classic Car scene.

    Hi Guys,

    Thank you all for a warm welcome :)

    Sean, M-B VS Z, bit of a no brainer for me atm. Alik has gotten me down a T, I love that idea. Turning up in a Z at my age… pretty sure I would be the coolest kid around. :) Can’t wait to go to the local car meet.

    Regarding RHD I think Pops is just thinking safety. It’s not important whether it’s a RHD or RHD conversion. As you say I think the idea of getting on the road sooner rather than later really appeals to me! He’s given me license to go down any route really. I like the idea of a drivable car. Getting to know the car and Z’s over time makes a lot of sense before delving into any mods/colours etc. I’ve got a lot to learn and all these posts are of great help (and humour). There really does seem to be a lot to think about, @Mr Tenno, I am pretty flexible on colour and love some of those main stock options you put there! Again doing the car up slowly over time really gives me the freedom to adapt along the road. @AliK Thanks for the link, that looks a great car and seems a great starting point for any project. Will pass on to Pops. Thank you!

    Can definitely see where you're coming from there. Looking at Mr Tenno's links to the stock paint jobs really shows the Z in a great light so definitely open to being swayed for stock colours!

    Although that does sound very fun and enticing haha I’m very much set on the idea of a Z, the links you have put are very cool and definitely worth a look! I love the spice and variety of them all. No one Z the same :) Awesome!!!!

    Wow! That is a seriously nice Z! Although saying that it seems a little bit out of reach for me and I want something that I can make my own :)
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  8. Bud Lightyear

    Bud Lightyear Total Fresher on the Classic Car scene.

    I've just been looking a bit more at your pictures @DonMuscles. What a beauty, that is exactly the kind of finish i would want, although still a stickler for that grey ;) haha! LOVE IT!
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  9. Mr Tenno

    Mr Tenno
    ZClub Administrator
    Staff Member Moderator

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  10. DonMuscles

    DonMuscles Well-Known Forum User

    Just come and see the car in person.

    Even better.

  11. Mr Ex Jnr

    Mr Ex Jnr Zeds is the way iv been shown Staff Member

    More young in the club :) welcome am Christian been brought up with a z all my life 27 years nearly haha
  12. franky

    Z Club Member

    There's a 2 seat 260z on here that looks to be a decent car, that might be an option? Not sure on the asking.

    Or the blue 2.2, its very 80's, but loved, a little pricey for what it is possibly though.

    Good luck with the search.

    PS, don't have babies and slow the whole process down. :)
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  13. TimW

    TimW 1978 UK RHD 260z

    Hey Son.... Welcome to the club haha....

    Thanks guys for the help, i'll pursue some of the links and advice is spot on!.. thank yee
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  14. Woody928

    Z Club Member
    Staff Member Moderator

    Welcome to the club dude! :thumbs:

    With those cards of the table, throw the bike idea out of the window and tear pops arm off (not literally) to get the Z! This is all somewhat familiar to me as several years ago I was doing my CBT and looking at bikes very seriously, I wanted a Z but couldn't afford one until my dad offered to go 50/50 on one with me. Safe to say I've never looked back albeit that bike urge is still there (I'll be able to do my full license after my birthday this weekend). It was also my first proper classic car.

    There's loads of really good advice up there already, personally I'd stick to a 2 seater rather than a +2 myself. Not only do they look slightly better but parts are slightly easier to come by in some cases. I'd look to buy the most solid car that you can afford that's running and make it reliable to just enjoy for a while. Not only do you get a good feel for what you're working with then but you actually get to enjoy it for a while which will give a lot more enthusiasm for the project.

    Two years later its incredible to look at how much we've done with our car from where we started. Now the driving experience is so much better than where we started and I've spec'd the car up exactly as I want to. The car is no longer a cruiser or barge and is a proper fast road setup well in the making.... Also don't underestimate the attention these cars draw, I only went to the shops yesterday and was filmed/photographed coming into Waitrose and then had two people talk to me before getting to the store, that's forgetting all the heads I turned just getting there. It's unreal!

    Just do it, you won't look back! (Also it would be good to see another younger face amongst the urm errrr 'mature' audience.... ;) We're gaining in numbers)

    It's sad to constantly hear stories like these, makes the decision to get on and ride very difficult.....

    Rokkie error 101, stay single and build racecar instead! :p
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  15. Bud Lightyear

    Bud Lightyear Total Fresher on the Classic Car scene.

    Hello again :)

    Yes, I will get pops to fill me in! Have started the article. Good read! Although I will need to get more familiar with the lingo :p

    Thank you Franky, I’ve seen the blue 2+2. Nice car, but I’m feeling it’s too far finished for me, I’m looking for something I can make my own to a degree. Is this the 260 you’re talking about; https://zclub.net/community/index.php?threads/datsun-260z-rhd-1974-2-seater-for-sale.23896/
    I believe pops has contacted Ravster.

    And yes I don’t see myself with a push chair for a while :p

    DAMN RIGHT! Thank you for the welcome, that’s a long time to enjoy a Z! Looking forward to maybe seeing you at a show at some point in the near future!! :)

    Haha Hey Pops. TY!

    @Woody928 Thank you for the welcome :) that’s great! Pretty much exactly the same scenario! I think I’ve been totally converted! It’s such a no brainer really!

    This seems to be the general consensus. Really edging to get it out on the road and drive it already :p the hype is building :) I’ve seen pics of your car and heard a lot about it from Pops. Sounds like a real top notch motor!

    That’s really awesome! Glad to hear you’ve got it how you want! Am really looking forward to experiencing that! From going out with my pops all the heads turn so I can definitely understand where you’re coming from. I rarely ever see a car like a Datsun on the road these days. Such a nice classic!

    HAHA! Don’t worry I will be doing it and the thought of looking back hasn’t even entered my mind :p Great! Younger members! THE Z TEAM! :p Look forward to hopefully meeting you soon! :)
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  16. Jay.

    Z Club Member

    Hey there, nice to see some young blood coming around!

    The forum is very friendly and welcoming, and no doubt once you find a nice Z you'll have a great keeper. Looking forward to keeping up to date with what you find!
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  17. Russell

    Z Club Member

    Hey, easy on the +2 hate. Whales need love to you know!
  18. Woody928

    Z Club Member
    Staff Member Moderator

    I'm glad to hear there's another like minded person who's been sold, I've really never looked back! Having previously waited months after buying my car for it to arrive and get on the road I know that feeling all too well, its hard to be patient!

    Haha thank you, pops does seem to like it ;) He's even tried to get me to sell some of my shiny parts. It's still got a way to go and I'm sure will never be finished but its pretty awesome (reminds me I need to update my project thread).

    It'll be good to put a face to the name at a show sometime, good luck with the search and feel free to reach out if you have any questions (albeit your in safe hands with pops).

    :rofl: Your words not mine. I like both, just I know which I prefer :p
  19. Bud Lightyear

    Bud Lightyear Total Fresher on the Classic Car scene.

    @Jay. Thank you for the welcome :) that’s what I’m hoping! Will definitely let everyone know what I find :)

    That must have felt like a very long wait indeed!!! Patience is key with these sort of things :)

    HAHA yes I heard about this :p top notch! Yeah definitely Woody well I imagine Pops will let me know when the next show people are attending is on and I’m sure I’ll be seeing you! Ah that’s very nice of you! I’m sure I will :)
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  20. johnymd

    Z Club Member

    I will have a few for sale in the not too distant future. I’m currently working on an ex LHD 240z and started a build thread. Not sure if my daughter is going to have this one or if it will be sold or I may keep it and sell another. I have spoken to your dad about it. It’s a very good shell but has had some battery area and chassis repairs. Was built and owned by Cambridge motorsport as a rally car. I have converted it to RHD already and am currently stripping the underside ready to paint and seal. It should be ready in a month or so. I also have a complete 280z coming but will need to assess its condition before I decide on its fate.

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