V8 280 on ebay

Mark N

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I saw this on FB a few days ago.
It seems expensive considering what it would take to improve its looks to what most would find an acceptable look.
If the arches have been cut prior to welding on theses flares, it could be costly to remedy.
It's not like you can just cut off the flares and stick on a set of ZG style items given how far down rear quarters and front wings they extend.
It might be a candidate for the likes of a Carbon Signal, Pandem or similar kit though, especially with it being a fairly modern colour.
A new dash and console would go a long way to improve the interior.
As for the engine, there should be some scope for improvement given the aftermarket for SBC.

I really don't understand some people's train of thought when it come to advertising cars.
Why TF would you not just take a couple of hours to wash the dust off the car and have it looking it's best rather than try to convince potential buyers that the photos "don't do it justice".
That Mishimoto radiator looks like it has been in there for about 30 years with all the grime and dust on it and the engine looks like it came straight out of a Nevada junkyard.
The Seller goes on to say he will add more photos but first impressions last.


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I agree. If you get a bad impression just reading the ad for the first time it's going to be hard to shake off. "Pictures do not do it justice and I will get some fresh ones up once it’s had a wash it has been in a container for the last three months being shipped over."
No, take a couple of hours to give it a wash, get it looking its best without any dust on it and then take the pics you're going to use to try and sell a twenty grand car.
Saying all that, it's not my cup of tea in any case, those arches look awful to me! And that engine bay ... I'd be embarrassed, frankly.