V5 issues


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You should be able to run your own HPI check if you can't get hold of Steve. It doesn't cost that much and some sites offer free checks.


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Just thought I'd update on this.
The DVLA were not very helpful, they replied to me in February. And then again in march, they received all the evidence of errors on their part, all pictures of the car and evidence of it being what it is. It seemed to fall on deaf ears with zero reply for 4 months, so in August I made a last ditch effort and gave them every single piece of evidence once more with pictures, explanations of the error, the two hpi reports and a letter from the club.

And I'm happy, nay, ecstatic to inform you all that as of last week I am now the legally recognised owner of YEV 698S a Datsun 260z 2+2 and not as previously thought a Datsun 180b.

Such a huge thank you to all who helped me rectify such a silly clerical error that has stood for a over a decade since my old man first tried to rectify it.

I suppose I should start with my build blog now that this is done with.... :thumbs:


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Congratulations! Well done for sticking with it.

So the club letter alone did not do it with the DVLA? Interested to know for the next poor soul that need to go through this.

So, will you go back to white or is it going to be yeller!?


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It's hard to say how much weight the club letter carried by itself due to their timescale to reply.
They received a digital copy first with it - no reply.
Then a printed version of the same email, but posted to them - no reply.
And lastly, again in letter form, literally every copy of letter and email correspondence I had with them including the club letter once more. And I assume it was that which triggered them to correct and send my v5. It would have been nice to receive a letter explaining the balls up and some clarification of why they finally issued it, but we are left to make our own conclusions.

I think the club letter certainly helped, I think most of the problem was just the DVLA being a bit pants.

And no, whilst the yellow certainly suits the car, I also think it's a disgusting colour, I think we shall go down the road of silver or grey ish.