Used 240Z parts in EU or UK ?


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Its been a very long time since I last located close to Wolfsburg - 240z is still green and in boxes!

Now sorting through for reassembly, I'm after various small parts e.g. door hardware: doves and stoppers, window winder clips - could be NOS, used or salvagable for plating.

Since Mike F's passing :( - to be honest i'm not sure who to turn to...

Does anyone have good sources for small Z parts in the EU (preferable) or UK ?

Intranet just returns US based or v.expensive "specialists"....




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or here's a good thread on suppliers:

Ian Patmore

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As you are in Germany, importing here from Brexitland could pose problems....

An EU contact which maybe able to help is Richard who mainly deals with Datsun roadster but does do S30's;

I'm not recommending Minksport on the stuff I have seen offered to my fellow Z friend. It went in the bin.


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Apologies for the time lag in responding...I think I need to adjust my settings...

Thanks for recommendations, the Kamaeri website.... will be regularly reviewed !

The "dutch connection" is appealing - to avoid VAT, import duty and the inability of most carriers to read the customs label and charge correctly... still trying to work out who benefited from Brexit 🤔 ... apologies rant over!

I had quite an adventure yesterday, typing 240Z into alibaba .... amazing what pops up - but I do question the quality...

I will be over next week around the south, I'll reach out to Minksport and potentially pop into Fourways.


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Just a quick update - I was over in the UK last week and when to see Mark (Minksport) and came away happy with the all bits I needed 👍- he appears to have quite a selection from various cars, so it's worth visiting to pick out exactly what you need!