The worst Datsun item on eBay


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Oh dear. That Spyder thing could almost work. Lose the front and rear body kit, the roof and those hideous wheels and it could be passable.


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I believe in convertible S30s but 90% of those I've seen are 280Zs and 80% of those have been done with litte taste except bad. The remainder are split between not bad and 250GTO re-creations.


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I like my 260z convertible I know its not for everyone and the original roof makes the classic shape, but if you forget that and look at it as a different car, it soon grew on me, wasn't my first choice but I was offered it and couldn't turn it down.


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This is mine, having lots of body work done at the moment.


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Not exactly the worst, but confusing price point considering you can import them for a fraction of that price. Screenshot_20210321-173947~2.png