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The very last of the uk Z32

Discussion in 'General' started by tali, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. Russ

    Z Club Member

    UK Z32s start RGZ32.

    As for imports

    I think that's JDM specific the above quote, for instance they didn't sell anything other than a turbo lwb here did they??

    So for Croeso's car

    JN10 - no idea

    R - UK ?

    GZ32 - Z32, LWB, non turbo (however being UK doesn't it mean it's turbo by default? can't remember if your car was a turbo Croeso mate?)

    U001110 - presumably build date comes from this?
  2. Buckaroo Banzai

    Buckaroo Banzai Well-Known Forum User

    It is a turbo, if the vin number dont make sense, maybe it did start out in life attached to a Fiat Panda...??? According to the warranty book the model code 21EQSIA05 if that means anything Russ?
  3. Mr.F

    Mr.F Inactive

    JN1 = passenger vehicle produced in Japan by Nissan. Not used on cars produced for the domestic market.
    0 = no meaning
    R = VG30DETT engine
    G = 2+2
    Z32 = the model code
    U = Europe
    0 = no meaning
    xxxxxx = the VIN code serial number used to define month and year of production

    From the microfiche for U.K. use:
    000001 was produced 01/90
    002922 is the first serial number in 01/91
    004315 is the first serial number in 01/92
    010691 is the first serial number in 01/93

    The last serial number shown on my fiche copy is 011122 for 12/93.

    N.B. these numbers relate to European cars - we didn't get over 11,000 cars sold in the U.K. I think I read somewhere that only just over 1200 were sold in the U.K. making the Z32 one of the top twenty rarest production cars in these Isles. Another Nissan, the U.K. version of the Sunny GTi-R is even rarer - only 60 something sold despite featuring in a television advertising campaign! Numbers over here are now swollen by JDM imports for both models and many of the U.K. Z32s will have disappeared through accident or the dreaded rust worm - they are complex repairs in the rear sill area where the rust first takes hold...
  4. Hammer67

    Hammer67 Active Forum User

    My understanding of UK GTiRs was 85 officially sold with half going to rally teams. PS my Jap Z32 n/a is built 01/95.
  5. lammypie

    lammypie New Forum User

    I once saw z32 for sale in Bury, Lancs - on dealer forecourt for months- was red on a 'p' plate - not private plate either! Don't know if it was n/a or TT.
  6. tali

    tali Well-Known Forum User

    R reg - but import

    Iirc it was 65 sold in UK

    1300 is figure i heard, however i very much doubt it would make it "one of the top twenty rarest production cars in these Isles"
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  7. Dunk300zxTT

    Dunk300zxTT Well-Known Forum User

    Chassis Number JN10RGZ32U0001874 for my uk car. Not a new one but one of the very early ones maybe?

    No(t much) rust either :D :D :D ;)
  8. Mr.F

    Mr.F Inactive

    Build date 07/90.
  9. Dunk300zxTT

    Dunk300zxTT Well-Known Forum User

    Thanks Mike! :bow:

    V5 shows reg date as 3/10/90 so I guess a few weeks sitting around in a parking lot in Japan, then 6 on the boat over here.

    :thumbs: :cheers:


  10. dipone

    dipone Active Forum User

    M reg was the last year the 300zx was a uk car, mine was one of the last
  11. hitman13

    hitman13 Well-Known Forum User

    Mine is 10938 regd 31-1-94
  12. tali

    tali Well-Known Forum User

    Registered 12/08/94 this so far appears to be one of last.
    IIrc end in UK was Dec 94
  13. lammypie

    lammypie New Forum User

    some years ago 3/4 I saw a uk 'p' reg for sale at a car sales pitch in Bury, Lancs.

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