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The SR20DET Setup from my 280z (Engine, Gearbox, Intercooler, Propshaft, ECU, Exhaust etc)

Discussion in 'Parts and Other Items for Sale' started by LiamR, May 18, 2020.

  1. LiamR

    Z Club Member

    So as the time comes to start stripping my Datsun down to start the restomod process I need to advertise my current SR20DET engine setup that is fitted in my 280z. I want to advertise it now so if people need/want to see it running they can.

    Please bear with me as the previous owner is the person that did the engine conversion so the info I have is from what he has told me.

    So it's an SR20DET bent cam (valve cover design) from a Nissan 200sx s14a. It was from an automatic car originally so he did a manual conversion using a s14 manual gearbox but kept the Automatic ecu and wiring. Sounds strange but it somehow works

    Ideally the engine wiring loom and ECU would be replaced with ones from a manual (which was my initial plan) but I've decided to go down the RB25 route. The current wiring is is erm... yeah... but I'm sure someone will replace what they need to and do it all properly.

    I'm waiting on a reply from the P.O for the rough mileage on the engine from when he bought it.. but it starts, drives and pulls well on stock boost (7/8psi) with no smoke or VVT rattle. Starting cold it takes 1 or 2 cranks and starts then is sweet as a nut and fires right up every time when warm. I believe this is due to the wiring not being done properly. There is an aftermarket coolant temp gauge installed which is connected to the coolant temp sensor. The temp sensor is required by the stock ecu for the cold start map. If you google 'pin 43 sr20det' you will see loads of people with the cold start issue.

    It has an upgraded 90AMP alternator from a Nissan Serena (which I fitted as it was the first thing that decided to break). It has an aftermarket manifold that has been very poorly ceramic coated. It has a free flowing turbo elbow and custom down pipe. I have remade the intercooler piping and re-mounted it so it now routes through the holes in the radiator support panel for a cleaner look. I have replaced all hot side gaskets with genuine nissan parts and replaced the turbo and manifold head studs and used proper lock nuts. I have recently replaced the clutch bearing for a brand new OEM one.

    I will sell it as a whole lot, engine with all ancillaries, gearbox, ecu, custom propshaft, downpipe, intercooler and associated piping, fuel pressure regulator and pipes. I am willing to sell the complete custom 3" vband exhaust system if you would like that also. You will require your own engine mounting brackets as the P.O made his own and welded them to the chassis rails. I am happy to cut them off the best I can, so you can potentially use them again or fab your own (you can see them in one of the pictures). I will however include the gearbox mount and front subframe, which he modified to fit the engine in.

    I also have some HEL braided turbo oil and coolant lines that I was going to fit that I'll throw in as they will be no use to me any more. There may be more parts I have which I'll throw in if I find any.

    If you want any more pictures or info, then please feel free to ask. I have included as many pictures as I could find on my phone to do with the engine in the car, most of the work we have done it is on my YouTube channel 'The DIY Tuners' so you can visually see what I'm talking about with the intercooler piping, cold start cranking, exhaust build and hearing the engine running more importantly!!

    I'm looking for £2000 for the whole lot. - *Sod it, I'll throw in the exhaust too.

    The money will be put back into the Datsun with RHD conversion and any repair panels from Andy (if needed) and paying for media blasting of the shell. So buy purchasing this... you're investing in the keeping another car alive haha!

    Here are a few images I could find on my phone...

    Replacing blowing exhaust gasket and all manifold head studs. You can just see the engine mount brackets.

    Free flow turbo elbow and poorly coated manifold.

    Dropped the manual gearbox to give it a new rear seal, new clutch release bearing and oil change.

    Nissan Serena alternator upgrade.

    Few images of the 3" exhaust and routing from when we made it.

    Had to replace the crankshaft front oil seal (dont worry its clean and fix now!). You can see the front subframe has been notched to allow the engine to fit.

    This was the the day I went to see the car on initial purchase, notice the intercooler piping..

    This is how the intercooler piping now looks. 100x better than when I first saw the car.

    Here is a quick video on our YT channel where you can see the engine and piping etc..
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  2. LiamR

    Z Club Member

    Previous owner has got back to me and said it was roughly around 80k from what he remembers. So its sitting on around sub 85k miles. As I definitely haven't done 5k miles in it.
  3. LiamR

    Z Club Member

    Compression test has been carried out on the engine for the people that have messaged.


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