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Subaru LSD Identification

Discussion in 'Rally & race' started by atomman, Dec 27, 2020.

  1. atomman

    Z Club Member

    As I'm playing round with the R180 Subaru LSD's I thought I would take the time to get some photos so people can ID the different types if they want to use one,

    Here's them all lined up Left to right , Clutch LSD - SureTrak LSD - Torsen (Quaife basically) LSD


    Clutch type, you can see the plates through the hole,

    SureTrac, its all sealed but you can see the weld on the top cover which ID's, Really interesting the way it works ,if you do some reading , its mechanical but acts like a Clutch LSD ,


    And lastly a Torsen LSD , (same design as the new Quaife) you can see the helix gears thought the little holes,

    Gonna stick the 4.44 Torsen in for now and see how the acceleration is compared the 4.11 that's fitted now , I know the top end will be less but I'm sure 130MPH is enough , then try out the 3.54 to see how that goes , my engine should have enough torque to pull it,

    As always if you run smaller tyres than stock it will effect the ratio/rpm etc

    Hope this helps anyone playing round with the Subaru LSD's ,


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