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Discussion in 'S30 (240Z / 260Z / 280Z)' started by mattbibbey, Apr 11, 2010.

  1. mattbibbey

    mattbibbey Well-Known Forum User

    I saw this kind of thread on another post and thought it was a good idea to have one for all the older Z cars spotted on the road. It would be kind of cool to know who has spotted you while you're out driving!

    Tell your friends
  2. Wyn

    Z Club Member

    Great idea, but you might have a wait before you see the next "classic Zed" out on the road :D
  3. jackz432r

    jackz432r Forum User

    Spotted In Hedge End

    My Wife and kids said they saw a car like Daddys near their school two days on the trot a couple of weeks ago - Berrywood School in Hedge End near Southampton.

    Not sure if it was a 240 or a 260. My wife said it was brown/red colour , I said what rusty? My kids said it was same colour as mine - sky blue, so could have been any colour who knows. I have kept my eyes open but not seen it. :thumbs:
  4. moggy240

    moggy240 INSURANCE VALUATIONS OFFICER Staff Member Moderator

    if anyone is near sandtoft they will see me in mine tomorrow,its a yellow 240z
  5. mattbibbey

    mattbibbey Well-Known Forum User

    I was on the Oxford ring road this afternoon and saw an Orange 240/260Z. Was nice, guy waved at me too! Maybe a member?
  6. moonraker_tom

    moonraker_tom Well-Known Forum User

    Hi there, not sure what time your family saw the z jackz432r, but my wife drives her 260Z nearly everyday from Botley to Winchester at about 7am, and I was driving it down to Hedge End station a couple of weeks ago passing the school, its the brown/red colour.:)
  7. mattbibbey

    mattbibbey Well-Known Forum User

    Awesome, case closed!
  8. Dale

    Z Club Member

    I've never spotted an S30 on the road! :eek:

    How sad is that? :(
  9. mattbibbey

    mattbibbey Well-Known Forum User

    Just means that our cars are one of the rarest in britain I guess! Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
  10. Wyn

    Z Club Member

    I can't say I rem too many either :confused:

    1 on the way back from Scotty land some years back maybe

    I also rem giving chase to what looked like a rally preped Z out of Aylesbury yrs back, in my mk2 Escort :D

    I didn't catch it, but stayed pretty close ..... ish :unsure:
  11. JK240

    Z Club Member

    Maybe slightly off topic, but does anyone know how many cars are actually still in the UK on the road??

    Just curious.

  12. mattbibbey

    mattbibbey Well-Known Forum User

    I started a thread about this exact query some months ago. The answer I got back was:

    The DVLA had 150 odd 240Z's in Britain including those registered off-the-road or SORN'd.

    Presumably some would have never been registered as scrapped or have just been lost under the radar.

    Not sure how acurate this is but it was the answer I recieved.

  13. Mr.F

    Z Club Member

    For a brief period the DVLA were supplying excellent and detailed data on car numbers under the "freedom of information" act. They quickly realised it was costing too much money and now you have to pay one of a number of specialist firms appointed to supply the data. The cost is, unfortunately, prohibitive for a small club to do on a yearly basis.

    The last results I had (January 2006) showed about 135 240Zs on the road and licensed and another 83 SORNed. Doesn't tell us how many rusting hulks are lurking in barns and garages without official status.

    The real concern was the 280ZX which in total across all models had fallen to 61 cars on the road and licensed and another 216 on SORN.

    The Z31 also showed diminishing numbers but they do get confused at the DVLA between Z31 and Z32.
  14. zman240uk

    Z Club Member

    Dont forget the odd race car or two which aren't road registered...
  15. zpuppy

    zpuppy Well-Known Forum User

    I done a search (paid for) :eek: and came back with 73 Z31's licenced and legal ! Can this be true ?? :eek: :( I sure hope not !! :confused:
  16. surreyseagull

    surreyseagull Well-Known Forum User

    saw a silver j reg 240z in borough green today a few hundred feet from fourways where im assuming it was going.
    always like to have a nose as im driving past fourways to see whats sitting outside.
  17. datsfun

    Z Club Member

    Blimey, as many as that still on the road, surely not:devil:;)
  18. zpuppy

    zpuppy Well-Known Forum User

    must collect more rotten Z31 hulks and restore them ! ( repeated ad infintum ) :eek::lol:Tis a shame though for such a relatively recent car ! :cheers::driving:
  19. rhanagar

    rhanagar Well-Known Forum User

    How many are registered with the club would be interesting.

    I make one.
  20. Mr.F

    Z Club Member

    From the survey data received January 2006 (taken Sept 2005), Z31s showed the following:

    RA057 2+2 manual 515 licenced; 207 SORN
    RA058 2+2 auto 173 licenced; 137 SORN
    RA059 2+2 turbo 125 licenced; 89 SORN
    RA060 2+2 turbo auto 1 licenced; 0 SORN (yes these do exist - there are now at least 2 plus one 2 seater turbo auto...200ZR autos probably added in here too.

    No category for 2 seater models, either in Z31 or Z32 data.

    I find it hard to believe that these numbers (possibly propped up by a few misplaced Z32s) would have dropped to below 100 in just a few years...I'd ask for a recount or a refund!

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