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Speed sensor 1987 NA auto

Discussion in 'Z31 (300ZX) General' started by chappo123, Jun 12, 2017.

  1. chappo123

    chappo123 Forum User

    Hi all - does anyone have a speed sensor for my Z31 N/A auto 1987?

    Tested the voltage as per FSM at the auto control module - reads as 4.75vwith no change when rolling the car backwards and forwards - so I guess the sensor is faulty.

    Not getting any reading from the speedo and am unable to use overdrive and cruise - which I guess are all connected.

    Doesn't seem to be clocking up any miles either - is this likely to be linked?

  2. Northerner

    Z Club Member

    Must be that time of year as mines on the blink!
    I've got two spares and guess what no joy when swopped!
    I've checked the wiring using a 1.5 v battery from the plug by the
    RH inner strut to the dash and the wiring is fine. I'll take a punt and by one from the US
  3. chappo123

    chappo123 Forum User

    Let me know if you locate a supply at a reasonable cost! Came across one for ~$150 plus $700 shipping - lol
  4. Tom

    Tom New Forum User

    Is it the one that is attached to the gearbox?
  5. Northerner

    Z Club Member

    Still not working? I will be looking into this again now the cars out for the summer.

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