Somerset meet


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As I have a Z on the road again, anyone fancy a meet? Nothing too fancy/organised, just a pub lunch or something?

I'm Taunton based, junction 25 M5




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I'd be up for it, will have to wait for when I'm not on call though. 2 weeks time basically :-(


That'll be nearly two hours for us and that's a bit too far and the White 280ZX Turbo is visiting a health Spa and Clinic until just after Christmas!
Sorry guys don't think we'll make it.


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Ok, quick poll, Saturday or Sunday, and for lunch at a pub? Ideas? I've not been to many or organised anything so not sure what the standard is :)


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I think it'll be Sunday and in W-S-M. I don't know Weston really, so suggestions welcome, but if not i'll investigate :)

Roll on the 30th!


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Ok, so here's the deal

Sunday 30th September, meet at the Fox and Goose Inn, 1pm onwards. This is just off junction 22 of the M5 and has a couple good Google reviews.

Fox & Goose Inn Brent Knoll Somerset Hotel Pub Inn Restaurant

The menu is here & Goose Menu 2012.pdf

The address is

Fox & Goose Inn
Bristol Road
Brent Knoll
Nr Highbridge

And the map with those interested and the location is here

The weather looks a bit naff, so lets get there first. If we fancy a drive we're not far from Cheddar Gorge and another pub at the top if I remember correctly.

I'll be leaving Taunton at about 11 for a cruise up the A38 to get there, anyone want to convoy then we can meet in Sainsburys Taunton, or collect you on the way (Bridgy?). My mobile
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Just thought I'd do a little write up of the meet...


Weather held out, also looks to be a good venue. About 30 seconds from the M5 junction, enourmous car park, beer garden out the front to spot cars arriving and plenty of space inside.


Has some local beers as well as normal stuff. Also it's only 10 minutes drive from the gorge so would make a good location to drive out to and get an icecream.

Anyway turn out wasn't great, just me, so only 1 Z in attendance and I won the free pint for longest travelled.


There were no other interesting cars in the car park to look at, just this one ...


I might organise one again in a months time, but this time I'll take my gf so I have someone to eat with if no one turns up again. Also might open it up to other Jap clubs to help boost numbers :)


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Good effort Russ, and nice write up.

I like the look of that silver Zed, who's is it?


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Good try Russ, let's hope the AGM is better attended!

I can imagine how you felt sitting there on your own :(


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Hey russ sorry. Had to spend the weekend clearing mother's house out as completion has finally happened. Will make the next one though still without a Z. Cheers Ben


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No worries, I was kinda glad of a no show as I could get back to welding up my chicken pen fence :)

Next one I'm aiming for Sunday 4th November.