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SOLD: 1973 RHD 240z - For Sale

Discussion in 'Cars for Sale' started by Barricade, Jul 17, 2020.

  1. Barricade

    Z Club Member

    Zclub -

    For sale is my UK RHD 240z.

    Right Hand Drive
    5 speed Manual
    90,000 miles
    Avocado Green

    I've owned the car since the beginning of the year and became a Zclub member from the day I collected the car thanks to the huge amount of information here that helped me source a good car. Soon after collecting the car I found out that we were expecting a second baby, with much back and forth about selling the 240z over the last few weeks, regrettably it has to move on to a new home. The previous owner possessed the car for many years (30 or so), and during his ownership had restored it. The car is exactly what I wanted in a classic 240Z – sound body with so little rust considering its age and a UK car, reasonable mileage, running engine, and overall needed comparatively little work to end up with a finished car. I have a box file full of receipts and pictures of the restoration work being carried out prior to its storage.


    Body and chassis are in great condition, paint is good all round. There is very little rust to be found anywhere and usual areas such as chassis rails, wheel arches etc are clean. The car has had a sunroof fitted, it lightens up the interior and most importantly doesn't leak - it might not be to the purists tastes but it is what it is.


    RHD, dash with no cracks. I have the interior trim panels that aren't currently fitted in the photos as these came with the vehicle, most interior elements (eg window winder handles, door lock pins etc) are also in the boxes of parts and I have both door-cards too, I have taken one off to show the interior shell quality. I also have the original toolkit and jack – if these are of interest.

    Engine and Transmission:

    The car starts and runs fine, the last time I had the car out on the road (was mid-April and) it sounded absolutely fantastic. Oil pressure hovered around the 55psi mark when warmed up. Car sits on 4 tyres with plenty of tread life left.

    Areas for improvement:

    The car needs some general tidying up but the main job is that the interior needs to be refitted - a new carpet set (which I have and for the right sale price can include), re-trim the seats, doorcards and headlining to match. I've noticed too that the speedo cable needs to be repaired / replaced. I do have a box of spares and original parts that came with the car including badges and rear hatch mouldings etc, and I found the inspection light too, albeit it was not refitted under the bonnet post restoration.

    The car will have had a fresh service with fluids, filters and a general once over prior to sale.

    The car is priced at £23,995.

    I would prefer it to go to a good enthusiasts home first, so am advertising here first before various public marketplaces. I have plenty of history on the vehicle, please don’t hesitate to PM me if I have missed something. Viewings can be arranged around current social distancing guidelines, though we are currently being extra careful so test drives will not be possible. Happy to work a way around this, and of course can demonstrate the car running.

    fullsizeoutput_c.jpeg fullsizeoutput_7.jpeg fullsizeoutput_3c.jpeg fullsizeoutput_28.jpeg fullsizeoutput_8.jpeg fullsizeoutput_27.jpeg fullsizeoutput_3d.jpeg fullsizeoutput_9.jpeg
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  2. Bazzateer

    Z Club Member

    Sounds like a bargain. Good luck with the sale.
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  3. Ian

    Z Club Member

    Seems like a good price for a car that appears in very good shape.

    Off topic. Which tiles are those in your garage and how do you find them?
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  4. Barricade

    Z Club Member

    If someone would like to offer more then I won’t say no :) I thought it was fairly priced for its condition.

    The tiles are from a company called MotoTile. Best thing I did to a garage floor! Zero dust, easy to sweep any leaves etc out, and they are made of a chemical resistant PVC so stand up to leaks and spills. If the worst happens pop a tile out and replace. Easy!
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  5. slash

    slash New Forum User

    hello is it still available? could you please let me know how to contact you directly?
  6. Barricade

    Z Club Member

    Car is now sold - many thanks!
  7. kev64

    Z Club Member

    So did you get the asking price then?
  8. kev64

    Z Club Member

    Would be good for the market to know what an unfinished project vs complete car is for newbies looking to buy? As RHD ones are few and far between.
  9. Barricade

    Z Club Member

    I’m not a big fan of publicising private transactions but I will say it was within 10-15% of the asking price.
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  10. kev64

    Z Club Member

    I can understand that, wasn't asking for a figure hence the comment asking price ! But thanks for your diplomatic reply EXTRA:)
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  11. jonbills

    ZClub Administrator
    Staff Member Moderator

    I reckon the air freshener must have convinced the buyer in the end :)
  12. Barricade

    Z Club Member

    It’s got more character than smell to it now, I have to confess.

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