scottish events/shows


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shows events,meets.

12-13 may Motorfair Knockhill (show)
24 june drag & drift Crail (drag drift or meet)
13, 14, 15 july Z CLUB 30th birthday party(billing Aquadrome)
20-22 july JAE Peterborough(convoy down & show)
28 july Museum of flight Haddington(show)
19 aug USSC & Redline mag Crail (drag & meet)
16 sep fast ford & retro car Crail(what do you think?)
7 oct speedfgest Knockhill (track action cheap!!)
11 nov thrash crail (meet em ind thrash em!)
dec go-karts livingston go-karts then dinner
jan grand prix Gladsmuir Raceland g-karts grand prix

sometime in the summer a barbi venue to be confirmed!!might be my house,,,
none of these places are booked,now then i need numbers if you would like to attent please,there are not many scottish zeders and if i cant get enough for a set doo someone else might get it,so keep the numbers up,get in touch,my number is in your mag lothian & borders,
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you seem to have missed a minor event off your list - the Z Clubs 30th birthday Party at Billing - see front page of website


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Thanks,,Derek Sulley,
iv'e now slotted that date in too,it might be a wee bit far to do both dates so close yet so far appart for some as it was for me last time round.


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Hi Zeders,
for those of you awaiting passes for the Museum of flight airshow haddington air & car show,,,the air show is still on the 28 july but unfortunatly the car show has been canceled .
im so sorry for those who were looking forward to it
george :(