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Samuri Motor Company Reborn

Discussion in 'General discussion' started by Ross Scott, Jan 12, 2019.

  1. Ross Scott

    Ross Scott Roscoe

    As the sun rises in the East, exciting news that Samuri Motor Company has been re-established, please see the link to the new website

    Now specializing in all Z's and Nissan performance cars

    With some very well known Samuri stalwarts behind it all.

  2. SacCyclone

    Z Club Member

    Well done on the website.
    Excited to watch the types of stock that will be offered in the future.
  3. Ross Scott

    Ross Scott Roscoe

    Thanks Mike, we will keep everyone updated as we progress.
  4. 8658kv

    Z Club Member

    Good luck,great to see the Samuri name again.

  5. Ross Scott

    Ross Scott Roscoe

    Thanks Steve, we are inspired by the new generation of Z fans
  6. SeanDezart

    Z Club Member
    Official Trader

    What we do:

    Specialist in Nissan & Datsun Performance Cars, Restoration, Road and Track Mods.

    World Wide Sourcing of Specialist Vehicles For Private Individuals and Trade to Trade Relationships

    So, can you fill us in with some more details pelase or must we speculate ?:unsure:
  7. Ross Scott

    Ross Scott Roscoe

    Hi Sean, if you take a look in detail at the Samuri History and Gallery tab all should be clear, if you need any specifics give Kevin a call his number is on the website.

    The Supercars business is a cash generator and necessary to keep the business profitable in lean times. As Spike found out many times, you need a steady income otherwise the business comes under pressure. It is also necessary to cater for the whole Z family as well as Silvia, Skyline and GTR's as this diversification brings in a new generation of Samuri Clients and helps keep the business on a sure footing. We will be gathering all of the classic Super Samuri's together and showcasing in a Showroom, more on this to follow at a later date. I will be happy to answer any specific questions you may have?

  8. franky

    Z Club Member

    you've one of the most confusing websites going I think.

    You also seem to have other companies stock/sold cars under your sold car bit? Incorporated on the 04/12, you have a busy Christmas.

    Also pics of one of the foremost s30 specialists in your gallery?

    Just a little confusing to navigate around as a starter, or make much sense.
  9. Ross Scott

    Ross Scott Roscoe

    The history speaks for itself, we are the foremost S30 specialists, we are re-establishing what we did in the 80's with Spike and continued after he retired to Spain. As I said to Sean the Supercars trading we do is another of our activities apart from Z's.

    Z Club Member

    What a fantastic bit of news to start 2019 :hurray:
    Well done all those involved :flyingpig:
  11. Ross Scott

    Ross Scott Roscoe

    Thanks Steve, watch this space much more to come once we gather up a head of steam!

  12. franky

    Z Club Member

    Oh, so you’re fourways or mzr? I guess that would make sense then.

    It was the Ferrari and others with foskers or similar dealer number plates under your previously sold, it’s confusing.
    Last edited: Jan 12, 2019
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  13. Neil

    Z Club Member

    Looks good, where is the company based?

  14. chrisvega

    Z Club Member

    You make this forum entertaining Jason ;)
    Don't spare the horses :D
  15. franky

    Z Club Member

    Just pointing out a few glaringly obvious facts Mr V :)
  16. SeanDezart

    Z Club Member
    Official Trader

    Why would that make sense ?

    Hi Ross.

    Please help me understand the name history :

    Samuri Motor Company founded by Spike Anderson.....

    Among UK Datsun enthusiasts, particularly those with a fondness for the six-cylinder 'Z' series, there was no bigger name than that of Samuri Conversions....

    Samuri Motor Company was established as collaboration between Spike’s Race Head Services in Harbury, Warwickshire and Bob Gathercole’s Kingsley Garage, Kimpston, Bedfordshire set up as the Samuri racing team.

    When Spike retired from Samuri for sunnier climes, Kevin and Roscoe continued with the Samuri business on and off over the years, always with the intention of reviving the Company at an appropriate junction in time.

    .....has led Kevin and Roscoe to re-establish the Samuri Motor Company and the Samuri Conversions Silverstone Circuit monikers.

    So, was it always the Samuri Motor Company or Samuri Conversions Ltd or both or what please ?

    And do you have plans for a definitive and above all up to date register ?
  17. Ross Scott

    Ross Scott Roscoe

    Hi Folks, firstly let me try and help Franky understand the Website structure. We have for the last few years been trading in Supercars, which in the main have been sold on through a network of reputable traders - e.g. Foskers for Ferrari, The Octane Collection and Millennium Heroes for Porsche, BMW, Mercedes AMG etc. This is why the cars have appeared as dealer stock, which is why the website refers to Trade to Trade deals on affordable Supercars. However, we will of course sell to both trade and private buyers where there is a need as well as directly source any particular car that a private buyer is trying to find. The Supercar activities are a complimentary activity to the core Samuri business.

    Secondly to answer Sean's query. There are two names synonymous with Samuri both Samuri Motor Company and Samuri Conversions. When we decided to resurrect the Samuri Name we chose to go with the Samuri Motor Company and formally incorporate this name with Companies House. For those in the know, Samuri Conversions Limited was formally incorporated (by me) in the mid eighties and ran until around 2004 (Check Companies House Records). From the records, it will be seen that the Owners/Directors were Ross Scott Ferguson, Kevin Irons, his father Bernard Irons and his son Kristian Irons over this period of time.

    The actual chronology of Samuri is such that Spike set up Race Head Services, then partnered with Bob Gathercole in Samuri Motor Company before steady state operations as Samuri Conversions Silverstone Circuit, which is where Kevin and I became involved. Therefore, in answer to the question, we are known under both names and will use both.

    Sean's last point is a bit of a minefield as to how to provide a definitive Register of Samuri's? So often with history, when it is seen through the rose tinted spectacles of nostalgia, it can sometimes deviate from true facts. However, what I can say categorically is that we cannot change the past and moving forwards any work that we do will be carefully documented and all cars we work on will be name plated and cross referenced to a data base. I know of cars that Spike worked on and made some minor mods or improvements to - are these cars genuine Samuri's well here is where we enter the shades of grey argument. Kevin and I will define what level of modifications are carried out on future cars so that it will be easy to differentiate from simple go faster mods to full blown Samuri conversions. The easy way to do this is to start with the 350/370Z offerings and then work backwards with the 240/260/280Z offerings, where we hope to emulate what Singer has done for the 911 with 240/260/280Z Resto-Mods, but more on this at a later date. Currently we are focussing on completing the restoration of CBH 567K, which is almost done and then doing similar restorations on YJH 142K and UGH 216M. However, a priority will be developing a 350 or 370Z Demonstrator and an "a La Carte" menu for the modifications we offer.

    I hope that this answers your queries, but will be happy to clarify further if required.

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  18. Ross Scott

    Ross Scott Roscoe

    Hi Neil, we are based in Northampton or to be precise near to Northampton
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  19. franky

    Z Club Member

    So you're not one of the current foremost specialists then? Ie, Fourways or MZR? However you'd like to be held in that regard one day?

    Given all the issues around the samurai name, you've got a job just to sort out what is a samurai or not. Also will cars now be known as Samurai conversions and samurai motor company? so two different 'suppliers'.

    How does it work with the Kevin Irons cars that 'spike' wouldn't call Samurais? are they now going to get retrospective certificates supplied in a gold leaf frame?

    you've also got to compete with Samuri LTD.... its not comparing apples with apples.

    Why do you have MZR images in your gallery?

    what was the 'supercar trading' company called before you incorporated in December?
    Last edited: Jan 13, 2019
  20. Ross Scott

    Ross Scott Roscoe

    Like I said you are stepping into a minefield, with those questions. We are Samuri and have been since the mid 80's. We know there are others like Fourways, MZR, Dave Jarman Racing, Will Galliers, The Z Farm etc they are and along with anyone else on the scene all competitors in the market. We will do what we do best and look forward always with the intention of doing the right thing and being transparent in our dealings. People in the know will be savvy enough to know who we are and our pedigree. Kevin has 3 Championships to his name in Samuri prepared Race Cars, I think that speaks for itself and even eclipses the early exploits of Samuri before we were involved. No one can dispute this as it is factual.

    We will not be charging people for certificates in gold leafed frames, we will generate our revenues from the quality work we perform and each car we work on will be plated to record the work done.

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