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S14 Gearbox

Discussion in 'Parts and Other Items for Sale' started by zbloke, Oct 4, 2021.

  1. zbloke

    Z Club Member

    I'm thinking of selling my S14 gearbox, I used it in my 240Z for about 4 years predominately for the sprinting and hill climbing I used to participatein and am now reverting to an FS5C71B

    Let’s start with the bad bits:-

    If you do a lightening fast 4th > 5th gear change it sometimes crunches, normal speed changes and it’s as quiet as a mouse, I drained the oil when I removed the box and no 'bits' came out with the oil, all other gears select fine at all speeds

    The release bearing carrier sleeve has been shortened to accommodate the OS Giken twin plate clutch I run - so if you've not got an OS Giken STR 2CD it'll potentially need replacing

    There is no rubber gearbox mounting on the box nor is there a clutch fork or speedo drive and the two round bushes in the gearbox cross member will need replacing - there currently aren't any as I've had ‘em out for the replacement box's cross member, last but not least, I don’t know if it’s an S14 or S14A cus I’ve never had it apart

    The good bits:-

    It’s already got a S30 bell housing fitted to it
    Suitably modified gearbox cross member - early type with the vertical bolts
    Prop shaft that fits an R180 flange, I have no idea if it will fit an R200 flange
    And some generic quick shifter gear lever with an OEM gear lever boot on it

    Questions not answered in the advert - please ask

    Discussion – classifieds discussion forum if ya don’t mind

    I'm not desperate to sell so won't be giving it away

    Sensible offers via PM
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