Rust alert! Help!


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Hi Guys

Does anyone know how I should tackle some areas of rust on my 1992 300ZX?
The rust is located down by the back corners of the rear window ( I guess this is a result of the water pooling down at the corners after rainfall) and on the rear side wing
just behind the wheel. I've included some pictures.

I'm not sure if the rust as gone all the way through but if it has I will deal with it. My concern lies in the areas of rust by the window corners. Will I need to remove the windows, and if I do need to, where do I get a reaplcement seal to hold the window
when replaced?? :unsure:

Can anyone help?

Photos below:

Left corner:

Right Corner:

Right Rear Wing:


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I would wire brush it to see how bad it is. If it isn't all the way through I would remove all the loose stuff, soak it in phosphoric acid (Metal Ready or something similar), wash it down, POR-15, then tie-coat primer, then paint. If it's not all the way through but badly pitted then you'd need to use filler too. Unless you get it all cut out and welded, which would be the better way to go.


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Best way is to put it in a bodyshop, get autoglass to rip the window, (they should be able to provide a new seal) and get it all fixed up properly. Looking at the pics is gonna be as bad as bad my Bluebird was when it needed a windscreen, but when it was removed there was not much left to mount the window to. This was sorted by fibreglassing.


I can supply the relevant screen mouldings if the glass has to come out. The moulding is cut when the glass is removed, so has to be replaced. Autoglass regularly buy from me, so don't pay their inflated prices unless it is an insurance claim.
The wheel arch may need one of our wheel arch repair panels to weld in...the moss growing from the cracks is not a good sign!