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RHD UK 260z

Discussion in 'New to the website!' started by bob-on, Apr 8, 2018.

  1. bob-on

    Z Club Member

    Hi folks,

    Thought I'd say hello and tell you a bit about myself and my car. I'm new to Jap motors as I'm a VW man but always fancied a Z car, gotta love that sound!

    I've got a 1978 RS30 UK Datsun 260z that was restored using new panels over 20 years ago, the owner lost heart in the project after micro blisters appeared on the rear quarter and roof and put it under wraps for all that time until I managed to get hold of it. I know every owner of the car and it's been local to me from new.

    During it's restoration I t received new front wings, complete rear quarters, rear valance, new doors, spare wheel well and some patches elsewhere. At the time the only rear hatch you could buy from the dealership was early 240z, so it's got an early lid with the vents filled in!!

    This was over 20 years ago and only has about 45k miles on the clock so maybe not as bad as some of the cars undergoing restoration now. For a UK RHD 2 seater it's amazingly solid original condition and the original interior isn't too bad either.

    It still needs putting back together but it came with a whole heap of NOS parts, complete set of badges, wheel centre caps, brand new windscreen in its wrapper, window rubbers, complete NOS (still in Nissan wrappers) front and rear bumpers with uplight and rubbers, headlamp buckets, etc. I also got a spare RHD dash, clocks, wiring loom, etc.

    The question is, what do I do with it now? The matching numbers motor is out of the car and would need to be rebuilt as it's been sat for so long, it has the Hitachi carbs on too, the brakes and suspension also need going through and although the car is solid some of the repairs are patched as you would expect of restoration techniques 20+ years ago. The paint is great apart from the micro blisters so I'd expect to do the whole car again including the underside to bring it to today's standards.

    So, what are your views on this. Should it stay stock as a rock given it's a UK from new car and I've got all the bits to leave it stock? Should it be modified slightly to improve brakes and handling with Watanabe wheels, Datsun racing seats (classic style) and a twice pipe out the back?

    I look forward to hearing your views!
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  2. datsfun

    Z Club Member

    Your car. Your money. Your vision. Your execution.:thumbs:

    Perhaps the question to ask, is what got you into the marque and away from VW's ?

    Like any forum, you will get folk who will say that it should be left bone stock and as standard as possible. At the polar end, others will say that it needs a RB26, 1JZ engine swap and upgraded mechanicals. Visually many like the stock body; yet a large % of folk love the over fenders ZG wide body look...so you see asking for opinions is possibly going to confuse you even more :conf2:
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  3. AliK

    Z Club Member
    Staff Member Moderator

    Welcome to the club Bob!

    That sounds like a truly amazing find you have!!! Post some pictures too please so that we can better advise. There is a wealth of experience in this club (myself excluded).

    As to what to do with the car, there are as many opinions as members - some very strongly held, so take all the advice and make up your own mind.

    At the end of the day it is your car and you have to make it what you want it to be and would make you happy!

    Having a period modified UK '77 260z, I loved driving the car even more with my uprated brakes, 280zx dizzy and 240z carbs. There is something intoxicating about that angry L6 growl through my 2.5" exhaust at full chat - although some of the intoxication was the bar-b-qed 20w50 coming out the back!

    For my money, I would keep your car as close to stock as possible as it is really rare to find a car so original and it will be valuable. Or if you make any mods keep all the original bits to keep them reversible in case you choose to sell. For example, I bet your rear demister still works, right? I haven't met many who's silk printed elements are no more than ghosts!

    Whatever you do, you will LOVE driving her - one of the most analogue, progressive, well handling cars out there!

    Looking forward to tracking your progress!
  4. bob-on

    Z Club Member

  5. bob-on

    Z Club Member

  6. bob-on

    Z Club Member

    Thanks for the comments, I'm leaning towards stock as there's too many modified. I'm still a VW guy, I'll never be without a VW ;-)
    Hopefully you'll see that I've got a solid project, please ignore the pic of the front scuttle, they're just placed there and not bolted up.
  7. datsfun

    Z Club Member

    Wow !

    Great buy. That's a very tidy looking car and has the potential to be a stunner.
  8. uk66fastback

    Z Club Member

    Keep it stock. I much prefer them original (up to a point) - I'm not a 100-point factory original type, but as you say, there's nearly as many non-stock as there are stock ...

    Your drive looks familiar, did you have a Z before?
  9. johnymd

    Z Club Member

    Looks like a nice car in the pictures.

    As has been said, the choice is yours. I have a few zeds but my current favourite is the one with the stock looking body. I love the front end of a stock 240z with no spoiler or ever lip spoiler that's fitted to 260z's. I have a couple of cars with your type of front spoiler and it does suit the modified cars (lowered, wheels, ect) much more that on a standard car. If you go for the standard look then you will need to find and paint an original steel 3 piece front end for it to look right IMO.
  10. MaximG

    Z Club Member

    Fairly sure the 3 piece valence is now available as a reproduction piece from the states, think it might be Z Car Depot.
  11. MaximG

    Z Club Member

  12. Woody928

    Z Club Member
    Staff Member Moderator

    Welcome to the club, she looks to be a really sold shell and great back story!

    Well this is a tin of worms question :rofl: Nice to see some good sensible conversation on the topic. As several others have rightly said it's your car please do what you want to do with it, ultimately your building the car for you to enjoy at the end of the day. Johnymd has a great perspective on the topic with the diverse fleet of Z's he runs (just look at his signature).

    I'm a restomod fan myself with both the conservative and extreme builds. Keep us posted with your progress.
  13. bob-on

    Z Club Member

    Nope, never had a Z until now but most of the pics aren't on my drive but the previous owner.
  14. bob-on

    Z Club Member

    I couldn't agree more, I think the spoiler was put on as the metal piece was rusty and plastic was cheaper and easier to get hold of at the time.
  15. bob-on

    Z Club Member

  16. Mr.G

    Z Club Member

    Looks like a nice project you have there.

    If you're looking for an opinion then you may wish to consider leaning on keeping her stock for now. If you like the car and intend to keep her, you can always decide to modify her at a later date once you attend a few shows and get an idea of what you really like.

    I'd also think that it is far easier and quicker to get her on the road for now by keeping her stock too.
  17. Paul_S

    Z Club Member

    What a great starting point for a project. I didn't think finds like that are still possible!

    If it were me, I would keep it standard (or, mostly standard).

    But, whatever you choose to do with it, enjoy it :)
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  18. Stockdale

    Z Club Member

    Stock UK cars (240 or 260Z) did have front and rear spoilers as 'stock'. I wasn't aware that (even though I owned both during the 70's) that the 260z had a 'lip'. To me they both looked exactly the same in that respect.
  19. bob-on

    Z Club Member

    Is there anyone around that comes highly recommended for rebuilding engines and generally putting it back together?

    I bought it last year but just recovering from triple heart bypass and not sure I'm up to the lifting/pulling at the moment.
  20. jonbills

    ZClub Administrator
    Staff Member Moderator

    Not enough Zs around to support many specialists. IMO the engines aren't strange mysterious beasts that need specialists: I'd go for a good local engine builder.
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