RHD Accelerator peddle parts

kenny mitchell

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Hi Everyone, I have managed to get a RHD Accelerator peddle & i am working on the bushes & mounts etc. I am having to manufacture all parts in a fashion, can anyone help me identify the clip that goes in the groove towards the end & where I can get such a thing or will i need to bodge something to do the job. dose anyone have any spare parts or at least a good photo of all parts as I cant find anything online.
Any help appreciated.


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The clip that goes in the groove is just a C shaped you can cut a thick washer to work if you have the white plastic factory bush.
or you can use a bush from classic Alfa FL052

kenny mitchell

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Thanks for that, I am also struggling with the return spring, any ideas on this too.
P.S. I have ordered the alfa bush's

Cheers Kenny